Do you hate talking to people as much as I do sometimes?

I don't know why I'm like this, but sometimes I simply can't stand to have human contact. I don't like talking to people or even having them around me. Is this weird?

No it is certainly not wierd. You should be careful to not make it a way of life.

I have moments when I wish I was the only person on the planet. I think that's because I get overloaded on human contact. You might need to award yourself with some "Me Time" on a periodic basis. Go to a park and read a short story, or go on a "Contact Walk" where you get in touch with nature. Botanical gardens or home and garden stores are great places to get in touch with nature.
no, you're just not a people person..
not a problem, i'm like that too
I hate it too, especially the idiots. Or the ones who won't let you out of the conversation.
we have a lot in common
no .
ur like me.
sometimes ur just not people person.
You sound like you might be an introvert. Not weird at all for introverts to behave this way.

Google Myers-Briggs Type Indicator .
It should help you get a better understanding of your personality.
As long as it's only "sometimes," it's perfectly normal actually. It's only if you become constantly withdrawn that there might be a problem.
It's not weird at all. Maybe I say this because I am the exact same way! (lol) Seriously, though, I really don't like a lot of human contact either. I don't even like to talk on the telephone. I usually just let it ring. I prefer to communicate by doing what I am doing right now....interacting "without any strings or commitments". The anonymous communication that I get here on Yahoo Q&A is just fine with me!!
No its not wierd, that's your personality. I'm like that too, sometimes.
You seem to ramble.
Weird? I wouldnt say so. Actually, it seems very common. I like to be alone a lot of the time as well, but you have to remember that we were born into human interaction. By choice, if you dont have to, then dont deal with people, but sometimes we dont have a choice and need to deal with people, so as long as your able to communicate when needed then you should be fine. If you find yourself not wanting to be around people the majority of the time then figure out why that is the case.
ur not wierd,....i am like that sometimes too
i just cant stand opening my mouth and speaking to anybody,there is such a restlessness and 'anger' in me!
it happens sometimes,btu i think the best cure is to have confidence that everyone likes u and get out of self-demeaning attitude, be active and stop pondering and start doing things---please try DOES make a difference

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