Messed in inside my head?

lately i feel like my head just about to explode.. i argue with my sis almost everyday, my mom angry coz of my behaviour, my study doesnt show good result while in other side my friends getting better, i feel like now i'm so far away from god. i lied bunch of times to cover my stupid mistakes, i'm no longer my self anymore, i screw things! i wanna go back or even fast forward these days... i wanna change back and return to my self again. i dont wanna be a bad girl.. i knew my self... but i'm gone and i dont know why

i dont know where to start...

Dear Magnolia,

You sound like you are a christian person. You also give me the impression that you are a good person and do care about others. You may be under pressure due to your age and that can be hard sometimes. First thing you can do to build your self esteem back up would be to go to your mother and let her know how your heart feels. Let your mother know that you love her and that you want to start doing things right. Your head will feel better once you establish a good relationship with your mother again. Your mother loves you but does not like your actions and in knowing this, you can make a move to fix the problem.

I don't know how old your sis is but you could make it better just by listening to your sis and give in a little bit more. Remember, being bad has consequences and you will have to pay for your bad actions. Best thing to do is concentrate on your school work and be the best at everything you set out to do. Education is the key to rise above being poor and having a better life. So get into your school work and be the best. You have the power because GOD gave you everything you need to be the best at everything you try.

Put your head up and make up with your family, because family is everything and important.
Can you talk to your mom about seeing a doctor? Or go see the school nurse and tell her/him?

Journal writing can help you vent your feelings. Depending on your age, it could be hormone changes.

And also, start praying again. Even some breathing exercises to feel connected again to God.

I hope you feel better soon.
Why don't you go to your school counselor and talk about what is going on and how it is affecting your school work and home life? That would be the best place to start. If you need help with your school work and concentration techniques, they will point you in the right direction, same for your problems at home. Don't get too upset, it's fixable, you just have to let someone know what you're feeling so that they can help you.

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