Do you have any suppressed memories?

I sure must have..but if they are suppressed, they are buried deep into the subconscious and I might not aware of them at all..if at all that means.
Someone can suppress memories on purpose I guess, trying to forget and let them into the closet and close the door for good..but skeletons have a way to revive themselves sooner or later via diverse means : reactions to people, places, situations, points of views..even the body I think holds suppressed memories.
Louise Hay has written excellent books about how our fears, our inner demons which we might try to forget or suppress actually manifest themselves in unusual ways like somebody afraid of manifesting their views could constantly develop sore throats etc..
For more suppressed memories, especially those surrounding childhood..I think only a psychologist or an psychologist adept at hypnotising can retrieve deep long ago suppressed memories. This idea of course has been disputed much in the course of law. Sometimes rightfully, sometimes wrongfully - in my opinion -.
how would I know???
my dad died last week and I had and have suppressed memories of him he was the focus of my hate now I must face my self

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