A fire of anger burning inside me, What is it?

I have these evil thoughts and So much anger inside me. But im not a mean person, I don't start any fights nor am i the fighter type. Yet I have this burning inside of me, I can feel anger lots of it. I have tried to figure out a possible answer maybe stress, maybe work, maybe school. I have no clue on earth of what it is.

So I am wondering any ever experience this? Is it just anger sitting inside me waiting for someone to throw me off that edge and then explode on that someone who pissed me off to the point.

I have tried a psychiatrist, my pastor, older adult friends inside the church. All the same answer. I was thinking of finding some kind of sensei or something. But first of course FunQA.coms. So Here is my question. Hopefully I'll find an answer here.

I experienced a flash temper and unexplained anger for most of my life. I was not as aware of it as you are and that you are is good for you.

Someone who knew me very well told me one time that my diet was causing a blood sugar imbalance and causing my maltemper. For years, I would skip breakfast and have a mid am snack of snickers and coke. That was the worst thing I could have done.

What my body needed was protein...meat, cheese, eggs, peanuts. Something substantial. Sugar was deadly! Once I started altering my eating habits, my moods improved dramatically and I have learned to manage my diet and I know when I get snippy, its time to eat something good! I have to eat several times each day due to my metabolism.

Your problem may not be exactly like mine. Many times diet or allergies are the culprits causing our misbehaviors. Its worth checking out.
Is it 'rage' that you misname 'anger'? Calling a thing exactly what it is helps me. Who are what it is which makes you harbor these sorts of emotions can be found out, but you cannot do it alone. Find a professional Psychologist/Therapist. (the kind that doesn't prescribe drugs to cover up their inability to help)
What is it? Usually when you are angry for no real reason it means you are not doing something you really want to be doing. and thus you are frustrated.

or your possessed.
I know this feeling... Not funny at all, like a ball of stress not willing to go away, and tickling your stomach or liver...
If its this, then I know what you got, my sister used to have this often, she was full of energy and did have troubles to get rid of this energy. She was doing a lot of sports to get rid of it, she tried gymnastic, natation, karate, modern dance and then settled... It has taken her many years to get rid of this, but I think she got it right. Try pushing yourself to your physical limits by doing some exercised (intensive one), and let it go, canalized all your energy and your anger in your legs, arms or whatever part you need to accomplish your exercises. You may need to do it few days in a row to get rid of it completely, but it works great!! Good luck!
you are probably depressed. i used to feel the same way--so angry--anything could set me off, and i could feel awful words coming up and i just couldn't stop them. it was exhausting and embarassing and hurtful to me and other around me. i went into therapy and am on antidepressants and i no longer feel that way.
Unfortunately you are a victim of the "American" system of capitalism. Your pain is not uncommon. You feel like a majority of us do. Something is wrong but you don't know what.

There is a war on for your mind. (I know this sounds outrageous but I'm serious) Everything we've been taught is a lie.

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