I have a weak pschology and I got affcted from negative things a lot. What should I do?

Remove these negative things and surround youself with positive things and people.
Weak psychology? I think not.
Do not worry about the small things and look for things in life that bring you joy and happiness and if its your attitude then try adjusting it to see things a different way...
Dont let life beat you up, beat it back. take care xo
Take a long relaxing walk on a short pier.
Stop using psychobable to the point that it is nauseating and get a life.
You are halfway home, if you understand your problem.
Try to create small spaces in your life for the positive. They
can be easy and cheap. A certain song, Counting in a day
the way you can alter the balance by doing a good thing. Counting your blessings, remember life could always be worse. Watch people who have had problems in their lives
worse than yours and who maintain a upbeat life

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