Can Opinions Be Proven Wrong?

Heres the deal, I hate rap, i think it's crap. Someone came up to me and told me i was wrong and that rap was an awesome music genre. Can my opinion be proven wrong somehow?

Opinions are just that: opinions. As such, they are neither right nor wrong. You can argue the virtues or demerits of an opinion, but in the end, it is simply that, an opinion. Opinions may be based on some amount of fact (stronger-phrased opinions usually are) but opinions are not by themselves factual.

I sympathize with your opinion of rap as I hold the same opinion, but its rather hopeless to tell somebody why they shouldn't like something if they clearly do and show no desire to want to change their opinions.
no because we all have different opinions but i agree with you its crap
Nope, because an opinion is your self belief. If you made a 'statement or fact' then that could be questioned, but an opinion cannot be right or wrong
no, because its subjective - there are no right and wrong opinions. There are some we may or may not agree with, but none that can be proved right or wrong.
I am with you its bad but, i do like things like Cupids Choke Hold that has rap but its not what i would call heavy rap.hope that makes sense.
Yes, if the basis of the opinion could be proven to be wrong.
You're opinion could be proved wrong, subjectively however, hah. But it's subjective reasoning in the first place, so, literally, it couldn't be wrong. I like rap however, so I think you're wrong, opinions though, I could formulate reasons to disprove your points just as you could mine.
Your opinion is you think it's crap, his opinion is it's awesome. Everyone has different opinions about different things and no one person is right or wrong.
all opinions come down to one main concept; likes and dislikes. no one person can tell u your opinion is wrong because it's u making the decision. if u let them change your mind then ur letting them prey on the decisions that make u u. I'm byast though because i dislike rap as well.
no it can't oh and i love rap its da best homie
David, we all have a right to our own opinion. Who cares what someone else may think. If you truly believe your opinion than how can you be wrong? I think it's kinda rude that someone would try to challenge you and prove your opinion wrong. Afterall, it's just an opinion...See yah, Kandice
You view point is more than an opinion, it is your personal ‘taste‘, nobody can change what you like or dislike.

Though despite your opinion I’d hope you would of at least listened to more than “Fifty(Fiddy?) cent and Eminem“, and dug below the mainstream surface and checked out rap groups that don’t just talk about hoes and bitches in a non-agriculture and dog-breeding sense.

I find the original rising of Hip Hop and rap interesting, from the economical, political effects to the basic act of the people just having impromptu fun on the street, park and so forth, finding time to enjoy themselves in eras where there wasn’t much to get involved in other than street violence.

Hip hop and rap was a skill that required more than an musical ear, ranging to an electricians hand to provide the stage for the Djs and in turn the MCs, and at the very basic level (forgive me for using the phrase) ‘on the streets’ it still is.

I don’t blame anyone for not enjoying ‘chart-rap’ how anyone can love someone rapping about how much money they have along with bitches and hoes repeatedly is annoying. Though a genre is just that, one style doesn’t make a genre, there are many different styles that go into rock, I can’t say I like all of them, but I’m open minded enough not to judge all bands one particular style.
An opinion cannot be wrong becasue it is a belief not fact. I could be proven worng though if i said "i think earth is the 4th planet from the sun" becasue that is a error in the facts but for an opinion it cannot be proven wrong becasue it is just based on preference.
I think it is crap! You don't! So what!
opinions are not suppose to condemn. condemnation brings anger and u know what follows. becareful with your choice of words. i think if u use "i don't like rap" would be better instead. opinions are not supposed to be judge. u are right with that.
I asked my son if, in his opinion I was his father, and he told me yes," in my opinion you are my father" so I took him for a DNA test and proved him wrong.
Opinions cannot be proven wrong unless it is a factual thing, ie My opinion that Steve Davis was world snooker champion in 1980 can be proven wrong as Cliff Thorburn was world snooker champion in 1980, however if I had said that I think Steve Davis was the best snooker player in the world in 1980 then I can't be proven wrong as this is an opinion and not a fact.
No an opinion is an opinion, it is neither wrong or right. Even if 99% of the people say that's right / they agree; it doesn't make it right or that it has been proved. I suppose there is always the exception that proves the rule. I will be watching this space to see if anyone comes up with it.

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