Is there a smell that reminds you of your childhood?

There was this particular scent that my mom used to wear that sends me back to my childhood,there is also the smell of popcorn at the park,the smell of freshly baked cupcakes,the smell of chlorine in the pool during the summer,these are some of the stimulants that send me to that time when Sanrio products were all that mattered,okay,add Strawberry shortcake to that.
yea well but i no longer smell like that anymore. lol
Pine needles, when Christmas trees were real in everyone's home. Thanksgiving dinner with pies cooling. Snow at night.
Yes, that of a talcum powder..but it has gone out of the market for sooo long, i am not sure of the name.. something like cashmere?
fresh mowed lawns, spaghetti-O's, certain laundry detergents, estee lauder perfume, murphys oil soap, lilacs, water as it smells when it come out of a childrens lawn sprinkler, old spice cologne, the dusty smell of a heater kicking on in winter for the first time, and much much more.

sure wish i could go back to that time
weirdly enough strawberry shortcake toys
Turkey roasting
The smell of cerelac. It reminds me of my very childhood. When I was a baby three-four years old or something, my mom used to mix it in the milk and feed me.
It still reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel like being a baby again and drink milk (and not beer ; ), but the days are gone, I can't even mix cerelac in beer. : (
When I smell the same perfume that my kindergarten teacher had I am taken back to my kindergarten class. I immediately think of shapes and colors, which I was suppose to learn in kindergarten.

Not only do smells remind me of my childhood but smells remind me of my teenage years. When I smell the same deodorant that I had when I was in high school, it reminds me of dressing for P.E. class and the locker room.
There's a bunch of other ones too and it's not just smelling things, it's also music and t.v. shows. The other day I was watching cartoons on Youtube and I felt I was transported back to my childhood.

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