What will you do if you climbed the ladder to find it was on the wrong opportunity?

Everything that happens to us in our life is an opportunity to learn and to expand our horizons. By accepting a challenge and finding out it is the wrong one for us can only be realized by first putting ourselves into that position. This in itself is an opportunity for emotional growth and recognizing what it is we enjoy and what we are good at.
Utilize as much of it as I could; opportunities come in various ways and disguises.
My cousin went through school studying only the subjects needed to be a forester. When he got into the Forestry Commission, he found it was a branch of the Civil Service, so he changed horses (still being young) an took a degree in Eng.Lit. and has lead a happy life ever since.

You do that sort of thing.
I would say double damn,then teach myself to like what I chose and hopefully will find with time that it was the best I could do..hell I'm on top of the ladder, never mind that i thought it was the wrong one.
Grab onto a new ladder and keep the knowledge of the old one with me.

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