How do you clear your mind so you can work without distractions or sleep without worrying?

Whenever I feel like everything is getting clogged up and there are loads of things that are going on in my head, I will get a piece of paper and write everything down.

This simple solution may not be as advanced as pills or special drinks - but it does give you immediate release of all those pent-up feelings and worries that keep people like me and you awake all night.

Then take the piece of paper, ball it up and throw it away. You'll get a great nights sleep without those pesky thoughts.
sounds like anxiety to me! i have the same issue. i just pray about it or call someone up, watch tv or do something to get my mind off of it. it seems like the more i want the thoughts out of my head the more they come back, like in i dont know what the solution is. some say just face the fear or worry or just reassure yourself positive thoughts.
By really trusting in the power of God, trusting that with patience and wisdom all situation can be resolved, believing that God does not live you alone, and understanding that we all go through pain in this life.
this is all, doing so your question will be solved
pills maybe or energy drinks it may sound crazy but trust me i had the same problem!
Try tai chi. It works. You can do it in a private area if you want and has no side effects. A good way to lose weight as well.
Practice, focus.
Do daily exercise that requires your concentration. Meditation also helps.

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