Why are psychopaths so charming, i watch on detective programmes?

and yet they can appear ordinary and nice like someone who would not hurt a fly,

Psychopaths are usually abused children that never learned to socialize. They learn from their childhood to pretend that everything is wonderful when in the outside world and live out their anger one on one with their victims.

I do not subscribe to their hurtful ways, but as an emotionally abused child I do understand why they look normal on the outside. It was important to my abusive step-mother that everyone else see our family as perfect. Everyone thought that I had such a great life and a wonderful family, but it was in private that my hell existed.

The difference between me and the psychopath is that I could see that I was being mistreated, at least to some extent. The psychopath never realizes that all people are not as bad as their parents. They only know the world of abuse. I, on the other hand, experienced some time that I did not feel abused and could see that there was a difference.

That being said, even I did not realize the extent of the abuse until well after it was over and I could look back and see how I was treated.

Take care,
no conscience to radar right and wrong.
because they are psychopaths. they know exactly what they are doing. If they were to approach you any other way then you prob wouldn't fall for it. unfortunately they know how to play that sick game. WATCH OUT!
If they showed their fangs, everyone would run.

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