What makes someone a psychopath, i mean i read the transactional?

analysis account that it was someone who was either severely beaten who had no self worth and took inflicted the pain they felt onto others or someone who as a child was doted upon, extremely spoilt, i have noticed as well when watchng serial killers can be very close to thier mothers and very charming, i know someone who is cruel and selfish, and this is why i ask

Psychopathy not to be confused with psychosis, is a term derived from the Greek psyche (mind) and pathos (suffering), and was once used to denote any form of mental illness. Currently, psychopathy is defined in psychiatry as a condition characterized by lack of empathy or conscience, and poor impulse control or manipulative behaviors.

I believe it stems from a child being deprived of healthy and dynamic social skills, including ethical and moral behavioral from a parent or caretaker over several years, compounded by physical and emotional abuse that causes trauma.

These people are not born, they are made!
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