Why do I feel like this?

I know that because I am a teenager, I will most likely only get good answers from other teenagers that understand me because adults usually criticize this subject a lot. No, I am not just another hormone-crazed, teenager looking for attention, I am seriously asking this question and looking for serious answers, please. Lately, I've been feeling so sad. I don't know why, though. Next week, my parents are taking me on a horribly long car ride through Wyoming, Colorado, etc. They told me that I couldn't bring DVDs and a portable DVD player in the car, only books. I started crying but I don't even know why. I've never done that before. When my brother told me that the kid I have a crush on doesn't like me back, I also started crying. Lately, I've just been sad and mad at the world for no reason. I think something is wrong with me but I find a way to help myself. Don't call me emo, either. I am far from emo. I don't really know what answers I'm looking for, I just need a pick-me-up...

well guess what ur not the only one and in my opinion this not only happens to me Im 26 and sometimes I fell like that too. I cry for any little reason sometimes Its just because I feel lonely like no one listens to me. I am married but sometimes I dont get enough attention from my husband. Its like something is missing and sometimes I feel like I do know whats wrong and sometimes its like u dont know what the hell is wrong with you.. But you know what I do (and as you say Im not emo either) I listen to songs that kind of mention the way I feel .. another thing you can do is just write about it. anyways I dont wanna bore you telling you my lifes story and I dont know if you feel the same way but just try expressing what you feel down on paper because sometimes if you tell someone how u feel and dont understand u just makes matters worse.! hope u feel better ok..!! =) things always happen for a reason even though at the moment u find no reasonable explanation..!! =)
well, i'm a teenager too and i think that's just normal. maybe you started crying when you can't bring your DVDs and potable player because you think it's so boring. and for me, sometimes i feel sad but i don't know why. i think that's just normal. hope you're alright. :)
Im only 15 so i think i know why your like this

When you become a teenager its your horemoans theres nothing wronge wit you parsay but it will feel like that though so ittil get better.

And im an emo and theres nothin wronge wit dat

~Ants OW
All young people get down from time to time. Wait, all people regardless of age, feel down from time to time. I remember those long, boring road trips myself. Don't sweat it. Just focus on those things you can control, and don't sweat the things that are out of your control. Sometimes feeling down is somewhat out of our control. It'll pass. But, I always like a vigorous athletic workout to lift my spirits. It might work for you.
i feel the same way. same exact situation. im 14 though, and i have depression. it could be clinical depression. my doctor didnt treat me correctly and im going to see him tuesday. see your doctor and tell him you have been feeling down. he could help. if you need help any further assistance, you may e-mail me

You're not an Emo, you're a teenager and you're female. That means that you have all these horrible hormones racing around your body making you crazy. You can't help it and the only cure is growing up. I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that you will eventually learn to control the emotions and the hormones will recede and you will be normal. Or whatever passes for normal. Until you have children. lol

You know what I used to do? Have a good cry. Just let it out. Then have some chocolate. Chocolate contains tryptophan which helps regulate moods.
I remember being a teenager and feeling the same way. Trust me, it's your hormones working overtime. Don't be too worried about it. These sad feelings and anger will go away with time!
hope that this helps you. i think that in all of our life's we have days when we are sad and mad.i sometime become sad about the way the world is. about how people are dieing in all kinds of ways.how so many young people are dieing with HIV.i become mad that there are people who can take the life's of people who did nothing to die. like on September 11.but when i pray and ask god to help our dieing world i feel much better about everything.so my dear pray and ask god to take your sadness away.and your madness.god can do anything but fail.god bless you.
The only thing you have control over right now, in your life, is your attitude. When you get old like me, you will find that the situation has not changed. (So sad...)

If you make the best of things that you can, you will have the best of results, even if they are not to your liking or satisfactory in the least.

I have lived through so many media changes -- born with clay records, through the invention of vinyl recordings, video tape, CD, DVDs -- but still, I learned to love the books more. Give it a try, buck up, and persevere with the limits. You'll be free soon, and that means getting yourself prepared.

And books, you'll agree in the future, are the most effective at this endeavor. Breathe deeply and deal with the cards you have been dealt.

(PS--Yes, it sucks to be in your age group. Try to be nice to your folks however. If they're lucky you'll outlive them and they will be thankful for it. If you give them a lot of crap you'll feel guilty later. Live long and prosper. The trip you are on is longer than your frontal lobes can conceive.)
i am a teenager, and its normal to have meltdowns once in a while. i cried the other day because i had to make lunch! you're probably just upset about the trip. bring a camera and a journal to write in. talk to your parents and see if you can read for 3 hours & listen to music to 1, or something like that. I recommend the book Storky: how i lost my nickname & won the girl by Debra Garfinkle. it's got a blue cover. very good. hope i helped.

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