A friend of mine has a child.. he did something terrible... pls read on..?


I have a friend with a 3 year old. He is a nice kid and quite quick. However, he is quite rowdy and mischievious etc. He puts phones down the toilets and is always being naughty. I have spent time with him and although he is just a kid he really does seem to know right from wrong but chooses to do wrong.

My friend came home from work the other day and found that her son had put the two kittens in the microwave and switched in on... hence to say the poor kittens are no more.

What I am wondering is that when she told me I asked if her son was upset by what he had done or cried or anything. Turns out he sat on the stairs for 5 minutes in silence, did not cry but then carried on playing as if nothing had happened.

is this normal behaviour for a 3 year old. I know accidents happens but I'm not so sure this was an accident..!?

Some kids are a lot more mischievous and curious than others. This one sounds like he is a lot of hard work.
The action of putting kittens into the microwave at the age of three cannot be compared to doing it at 6, 10 or 15 for example. He is not making choices like an older child he is simply exploring and his knowledge of the consequences is very , very limited at three. He is too small to have deliberately "killed" these animals. we cannot judge his actions like we would the actions of an older child.

Sitting on the stairs in silence for 5 mins shows that he was in some way contemplating his actions and their consequences, but again at age three he cannot feel these things like an older child. He felt bad but isn`t able to verbalise these feelings yet nor comprehend his responsibility for the death of the animals.
If there have been no other incidents that make you worry about this child then I would say yes this child is normal and so were his actions. Boisterous and naughty he may be , but normal. Your friend need to safeguard the kitchen and put the kitchen off limits to a three year old though.
No not normal behaviour, children who torture animals can be known to develop further sadistic tendencies. very frightening.
Sounds like the kid needs some serious psychological help.
The child needs treatment ASAP.
This child is not normal. Nope. Most 3 year olds want to cuddle kittens and take care of them, not nuke them. I would have your friend take the child in for an immediate psych evaluation.
No,this child needs help and fast. Just imagine what sort of adult he'll make if this goes unchecked.
No, take the child to a vet and have him put down. Save him going to jail when he's older.
what the hell??
this kids seriously needs to be thought right from wrong!
every time he does bad he should be punished weather its taking away a favourite toy, or being put in the bolt corner or something..
this is not normal.well alot of kids are naughty but not to this extent
That is awful and is certainly not normal.

Your friend needs to take her son to see a child psychiatrist.
Doesn't sound normal to me. Seems like the kind of thing you would read about as having occurred in Dahlmers, Gacys or Bundys youth.
It sounds pretty wild to me. I would say he needs help already. I sure hope he gets no more pets!
The child needs help, quickly! this is very disturbing behaviour! Some children do harm animals and creatures accidently but should always show remorse.
Of course that isn't normal, But why would someone leave a 3 year old child by themselves?
IF this is true, then your friend's son needs help and quick. It is well documented that serial killers start by torturing and killing animals and showing no remorse. This needs to be nipped in the bud. Get her to take him to the GP for some sort of assessment and treatment before it's babies he's putting in the mic not kittens!
That is very scary.... I would have my child checked out I would take him to a counselor to evaluate him. She needs to know where the anger and no sympathy for life is coming from. He is very much to the extreme for a boy that young.
Sure its normal. What person hasnt thought about microwaving kittens? Personally, I can never bring myself to go though with it because of possible damage to the microwave. However kids are too young to know that microwaves can be ruined by exploding kittens, so its understandable if they make that mistake.
That kid will probably be a scientist someday.
i would not say it is normal - but the rspca should also be notified.
Check if the young lad has 666 embossed on his head ... if he has run
i would beat that kid raw. I don't believe in child abuse, but putting kittens in the microwave is a sign that if that kid dosent straighten up, then he's bound to do more henious acts.

Putting him on the stairs for 5 minutes? thats stupid. If he dosen't learn that punnishment is contrary to your actions, then he'll go on and do things like this for a long time...then a therapist will get involved and the next thing you know, the kid is on enough adderall and ritalin to make him full...
Kids are curious about many things that adults know are wrong or dangerous. They learn from experimentation and from the consequences of the experiment. The consequences are the rewards for good behavior and the punishment for bad behavior. There is no mention in your description of any punishment so I assume there probably wasn't any. If that is the case, how is the child to learn that it is wrong?

EDIT: All of these comments about it not being normal and condemning the child as a future serial killer are ridiculous. A child's mind is not the same as an adults or an older child. Here is one scenario that would make perfect sense to a 3yr old.

The child likes playing in the toilet. He puts the kittens in the toilet to give them a bath. The kittens get out of the toilet and shake the water off. He shakes when he gets out of the bathtub because he is cold. Food goes into the microwave cold and comes out warm so he puts the kittens in the microwave to warm them up. He would be thinking he is doing a good thing to help his kittens that he loves without knowing the consequences of his actions.
She should have him evaluated ASAP. This sounds like the behavior of a young sociopath. There is a reasearch center at the NIH that deals with sociopathic children. A friend of mine is a shrink there, and she tells me that there isn't much you can do except watch them. I know this sounds awful, but many of these kids will wind up committing far worse crimes in their adult years.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a sociopath and also had violent tendencies towards animals in his youth. While your friend's toddler is probably aware of right and wrong, he probably does not have a sense of guilt for doing something wrong.

Good luck.
I am no expert but I would say this is definitely not normal.
First question, has he beened disciplined ever?

if the answer is yes then it could mean there is a behaviour problem.

My cousin was quite disturbed and naughty as a child and he went to a child psychiatrist because he said he wanted to know what it would be like to killl a baby.

He appears to be fine now so it could be a need for boundaries to be more clearly defined.
Imagination can be a powerful tool and also destructive.
i would certainly seek expert advice if i was mum
He's 3,,, that makes him naturally mischevious and curious. He is also innocent. He doesn't understand life and death,, he doesn't understand that anything is permanent. Sitting on the stairs for 5 minutes is appropriate, and about the biggest amount of time he could concentrate before his mind took him elsewhere.
Do the parents not punish the little b@st@rd? And how on earth did he mangage to get TWO kittens in a microwave and close the door?And who was supposed to be watching him? please don't tell me he was left on his own. This kid needs his hands cutting off with a blunt blade, if he was mine he'd be locked up in a cage all day.
Flushing things is normal. Childen that age are getting used to the toliet and find it fasinating. They lke to see things go down. My granddaughter has done this many times. BUT putting the kittens inthe microwave is not normal. I feel like this mother needs to get help for this child now. He has already shown the tendancy to know right from wrong and he knew putting the kittens in the microwave was wrong. You could push this father and see that most serial killer started with animal cruelty. Perhaps ther is something going wrong to make the child behave this way. Is there possible abuse, neglect, things like that. But the child and his mother need to see a professional for help either way.
I agree with Book Girl, people who kill animals actually turn out to kill PEOPLE later on in life. If I were you I would get someone to look at him, I mean does this seem normal to you? If the answer is no then get someone to look at him.
All I know is that any time they interview serial killers, they always mention killing animals as kids...that is scary!
I think your feind should take her child to see a doctor and explain all the things he has been doing. best to catch bad behaviour before it develops into anything more serious id say
NO! Nor normal. This kid needs a trained therapist, now!!

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