Do you think all the violence shown on TV & the movies...? affecting people's minds & driving them to commit violent acts?
Many young people today watch all this violence on the movies & TV & have become apathetic & detached towards violence. Those that are disturbed & troubled think nothing of venting their anger & frustrations by committing violent acts. What can be done about this?

yes you have a very good point, all you see on the tv these days is a diet of violence and adult content
Yes I think tv and media changes perception on violence. I don't think it is possible to make tv less violent because the rich and powerful control it.
I have to disagree. TV violence does not promote kids to be violent. My friends and I have watched violent shows for years and we never hurt or killed anyone.

Also, I don't think there is really any way to prevent it from happening. I guess people should get to know the people surrounding them. If there is an outcast, quiet type in school or work, try to befriend that person. At least maybe they will say something to give some kind of warning.

People that move south start to pick up the accent of that area within a few months and before you know it you would never know that they are from the north. You become who you hang out with. There are all kinds of anecdotes or phrases to the truths of this world yet we do not put them together as little clues of being real warnings.
In violent movies, the characters make it as though violence solves everything, so that idea probably subconsciously affected people's minds. You probably know we can't just sue every violent movie that'll come out, but after the VA shooting, I won't be surprised if my school actually came with stricter rules to protect themselves and the students.
I think it varies with the individual. that and the people that they are around and their parents and their own environment. I have watched alot of horror movies and movies with violence in my time and even a few when I was very young, of course my parents where unaware of some of the movies I had watched when I was a lot younger, one of the very first horror movies I ever watched was An American Werewolf in London, anyways I was very young at the time, needless to say my reaction to violence on the movie/tv screen has not changed much since I was very young, I still cringe at the sight of certain things, the small and random acts of violence that are commited here and there by troubled teens and young adults are at best severe depression that they are feeling alienated and troubled and have no way to vent their angers and frustrations, it has nothing to do with violence and horror in tv/movies it has to do with people that are close to them not noticing that there is something wrong with that person that needs to be talked about and dealt with, people just need to pay more attention to the persons that are new to their area that seem isolated and watch their behavior
I think the yobs who use violence when caught blame the tele
or video's.It's a cop out.
Violence existed before the media, so I'm going to have to disagree. Think back in history before the media existed. Can you honestly tell me you can't think of any recorded acts of violence? People can be violent with or without TV. You've watched violence on TV in your years growing up, haven't you? Do you feel compelled to harm others, or at least apathetic toward the death of a loved one? Those that are disturbed & troubled will think nothing of violence with or without the television set.

I really do think we need stricter guidlines as to what should be allowed on public television or radio, and what should be allowed for young children and teens to watch on cable or satellite. In the public media, everything should be at a G rating day and night. although, political issues should NEVER be censored in public access shows. For Cable or satellite, a lot of these PG 13 movies or 14+ shows on television are shows I would not want my teen watching... They should be stricter on what kids are allowed to watch. I don't think anything should be censored toward adults though. But I do wish companies wouldn't take so much advantage and just abuse their freedom to display violent or sexual content.. I do feel that we need more positive images in the media. We need more shows and more commercials promoting respect and sympathy.

Violence might always exist, I wish one day it wont... But I don't think we can blame the media for violence. However, it would be nice to see more positive and less negative images.

The Riddler.. Have you paid attention to Loony Tunes?? They are constantly bashing heads with hammers, dropping anvails on heads, stabbing characters, shooting and blowing up characters!!! Just because the blood wasn't there, doesn't mean the message wasn't. In fact, it sent a false message implying viloence is harmless fun....

And yes, violence in ADULT movies have become more gory, but children aren't allowed to watch these violent films... However, I will agree that what children are allowed to watch today are worse than what we were allowed as kids... I don't recall ever watching the worlds most deadliest police chases as a kid... I remember it as a teen, though....

Regardless, that still doesn't take away the point I made earlier in saying that violence existed even before the television set! How do you account for those acts of violence when we didn't have the media to blame?

I really don't know what to say... I mean, to be honest, I can't say I know of any kids shooting up schools during the 40s and 50s, when shows were so much more positive than they are today.... I don't think television alone is to blame though. I think it's a combination of an extrememly complicated world we live in today compared to earlier times...

I do agree that the television may play a part in it though. But it's more than just violent images on the TV. We are in a society that takes pleasure in other people's misery. We laugh as people are voted off Reality shows, we are excited by Police Chases, we love watching people humiliate themselves and go through all kinds of Drama in Reality shows.... We are not only numbing ourselves from violence, but we are also numbing ourselves for sympathy towards others. But it's not television alone. We live in a time where money is a big deal. It's not enough to live in a regular house, we're all hoping to live in a huge mansion when we grow up! We all want money to buy expensive nonsense to show off how much money we have... We live in stressful times, where we're supposed to show off how great we are in any way we can... But that's not all... Because of the pursuit of money, parents don't spend enough time with their children, because they are too busy working, trying to make a living... trying to get by on what little money they make to live in a not so great house, that cost much more than it should be (because the people selling want more money). Not enough time is being spent with the family, and I think that is the root of the problem. People need to sit down with their kids, and talk. But the kids are too busy in their rooms watching violent images, or laughing at people get voted off, or answereing questions all day.

My opinion on what should be done about violence and sexual content in the media, is to make everything public G rated (I mean 1940s G rated!). I mean public television channels, public radio stations, even billboard ads! However, political issues should NEVER be censored to the public. Now, if you are old enough to pay a monthly fee, then you should be old enough to watch or hear violent and/or sexual movies/shows/songs. Any show containing violence or sexual content should be adult only... and shows for the general public should always send out a positive message. And companies that feature adult content should have at least an almost equal amount of features displaying positive images.

There should also be classes in high schools on how to deal with stress and cope with anger. There should also be classes that promote respect for each other. And there should be classes that teach kids to take responsibilty for the things that happen in their life, one that teaches them not to blame others for everything that goes wrong in their life.

And parent's need to spend more time with their family. When people are pregnant, they should have to take classes on how to raise children. And these classes should be FREE.

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