What's it called when a person always pretends to be sick, or they think they're sick?

THINK they are sick : Hypochondria
PRETEND to be sick: Munchausen's Syndrome.

Hypochondriasis if they think they are sick all the time, but are actually not. Malingering if they are knowingly faking.

You used the phrase "pretends to be sick." A hypochondriac actually believes or worries there is something wrong with them. The malingerer knows there is nothing wrong but pretends that there is something wrong (faking). Malingering is a term used by psychologists and physicians.
HYPOCHONDRIAC. They're more common than they seem.
That would be "hypochondria".
hypochondria - condition
hypochondriac - person
see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/hypochondri...

malingerer - a person who pretends to be sick to get out of working
Hypochondriac, drama queen, self seeking, selfish, paranoid, passive aggressive, but mostly just a hypochondriac.
Look up these illnesses:

Munchausen’s syndrome
Munchausen’s by proxy
Sometimes it's hypochondriasis --
or sometimes it's the 'American medical system sucks and we don't care about our people' disease. Doctors don't generally say "I'm ignorant to what is wrong with you" or "we don't know what's wrong with you" or ...(but these are usually general MD's who are wrong and not actual Psychologists, who can tell if this is accurate diagnosis)

Adults generally don't develop hypochondriasis 'out of the blue'... usually it's a behavior that was positively reinforced as a child, for the child to get attention by being sick, and then carried on into adulthood.

A friend that worked in psychology field mentioned that you do see it sometimes in the jail system, because the men get attention when they're sick(because they get attention, sometimes from females, it is a positive reinforcement).

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