Why are people racist/prejudice - is it just jelousy.?

I sense people who are obviously racist tend to be ugly looking in appearance.Does anyone think the same.Good looking people do not seem to have a complex therefore will not make it obvious.This is my opinion.What do others think.

think people are racist or prejudice through fear
does this not make you prejudice thinking that only ugly people are racist!! lmao hypicritical or what?
The reason for racism is pure ignorance...nothing else! ciao
I have never understood racisim. Ussually people develop it though something that has happened. for example, someone's dad might of got killed by a gang of mexicans, that might cause the person who dad was killed to feel as though all mexicans are evil.
that seems to be quite the arrogant and biased opinion. people are racist because of how they were raised, the culture they live in, ect. it is clearly not jealousy. why would you hate the ones you idolize?
cause there haters. if there racist all to you just tell them well wait if there racist tell them there retarded and should look in the mirror. and if there prejudice then just uhh ya know what dont listen to me just listen to me when i say they are haters!!!
Nope I'm a racist and I am extremely good looking.
It's usaully because the way someone looks at a certain type of race.If one person see a different race acting all show offy they might think that all of them are the same way.It's usaully hatred,but hardly ever jelousy.
the people could ignorant or just have a lack of education or just closed minded.
People are racist for the very same reason why I've been discriminated against all my life because of my disability; fear, ignorance, and misunderstanding. Fear and misunderstanding is generally caused by ignorance and nothing else.
I see many kinds of people that are racist and/or prejudice. I feel its due to have or had experienced hardships and so experiencing so much anger toward that group of people. Currently what's happening in the world is just fueling the fire; and/or the way they were raised and/or the peers they are involved with.
About your opinion.. maybe, because of self esteem and/or jealously but i think it would be more of the smallest percentage than of those of the ones i just mentioned.
superiority complex run amok, or just plain ignorance
People with racist views and prejudice are just very insecure and not sure of themselves and they play over that by being arrogant - but maybe I'm prejudiced .
its not about fat or ugly or beautiful. Racism just is. It is because it just exists in the minds of ppl. Its a state of mind. No one liked or likes Jews..that's not racism..its just anti-semitism. Why did Hitler kill all those ppl and why do others discriminate against color? Because its hate...hate just is...its there.because the world isn't perfect. That's it.
I think that hating an entire race gives them a sense of power.
Every neo Nazi I've seen on TV was really buff. I heard someone at school once talking about how that made them think all neo Nazis are strong.so he actually started hating other races! It's insane I think they also want a place/people that will accept them so they figure they'll be racist cause racist tend to love all people of their race as long as in turn they're racist. So then they will be accepted.
GREAT QUESTION...You could be on to something there.Could they be UGLY on the inside also?
I would guess that modern day typeso f racism stem from colonialisation of developing world countries, by developed European countries. At the time, such nations as India and parts of Africa weren't as industrialised as say Britain or France, so the people there may have been thought of under-developed and primitive. These beliefs have been handed down generation to generation, and have become engrained.

Thus black/Asian/Arab people have been seen as heathen, unsophisticated and being of less value and are looked down upon. I don't think that skin colour here is necessarily an issue, more of a symbolism. The people from such countries had darker skin to the people who were colonising them. If these people were also white, they would also be looked down upon.

I don't think looks have anything really to do with prejudice and racist attitudes; more rather the lack or abundance of education, tolerance and broad-mindedness, that a certain individual may have.
At the top of society is a small group of beings who 'control' everything, but they are weak; even with control over the armed forces! At the bottom is an extremely large and extremely powerful group who 'do' everything. In the middle there is a group who ensures that nothing ever changes, these beings control nothing and they do nothing (of any use!) There are many tools used by the group at the top to ensure that the group at the bottom never uses the strength that it has to improve the world for themselves (and everybody else for that matter.) One of those tools is racism. It is simply divide and conquer. While the poor people in society are blaming each other for the problems that are endemic to this society, they have no power to make the world a better place (for everybody!)
fear and lack of understanding
its based on insecurity
anything different from them releases the gremlins within which chew on their ower of perception and reasoning and cause them to feel fear
once the fear sets in they call on their prejudices to back up their reasoning into prejudice and persecute others
People are racist or prejudiced because we evolved in small social groups. Care and comfort came from within the group (mostly) and danger, or at least the threat, from without. We like what we are familiar with and fear the unfamiliar, generally but not always.
You know you can condition somebody to feel afraid when you show them a red card (by pairing an electric shock with the red card). Takes time but it works. You can do the same with same-race faces and other-race faces. But the fear associated with other-race faces does not die away when you stop the electric shocks. This works whether you are white or black. Prejudice is everywhere. It is the powerful group who get to express their prejudices with impunity.
Of course, all this is somewhat malleable. For instance, mixed race dating and marriage goes some way to rubbing out that effect I just mentioned.
The thing is, it isn't just other people who are prejudiced. It is you and me as well. Know thyself, as some bloke said.
maybe its becuz dey r conceited nd dont hang round w/ da so called ugly...as a matter of fact ders no such thing as ugly every one has at least sumthin beautiful..

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