Do not answer this question!! It is RADIOACTIVE Warning do not answer.?

Do not answer. You could cause a meltdown.

I said don't anser. You are considering it.

Stop scrolling you can't answer I forbid you!!

Ahhh. I said stop!

Do you fell the heat of the radioactivity.

You could cause a meltdown. Didn't you hear about Chernobal!?

This is the last time I will tell you. You will reagreat it. So DON'T!!

I give up

that was cool and ha i answered ur question even though u asked no question...whatever.
That was a waist of 30 seconds that I could have answered a real question.
YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOT!(: LOL, jk. great question. you know that everyone who reads it will answer it.. great strategy to get points.
Radashun gud! No hrm atall! jus teefs fa out!
+2 pts.
(blah blah blah, quel radotage!)
hehe score
i guess the scrolling is worth 2 points

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