My problem is............?

I really like my school.And I am Egyptian.You know,I do not feel
well or interested in it.What makes me happy,my friends only.

Having Friends is fun but your education is very important. Something we all must do so we can function in this world.
If you learn all you can, later in life you will be happier because if you don't have an education you will be a looser. The smarter you become the more people will respect you sometimes. This is not always true but I think you will be happier. If you want to make school better, change you thoughts and make it fun. It will pass quicker. It is hard work to learn but later you will see, it will be very beneficial for you because you did learn. When you want to change something you don't like, change your attitude towards it; make it pleasant some how in your mind. If you want to change something that is pleasant because it is not good for you like too much eating sweets, think of them as worms. Change your mind and make it unpleasant.
Hope this helps , Rev. TomCat
Um...I guess your problem is that you're satisfied and trying to create a problem so that you feel that your life has purpose because you've had to overcome a struggle.

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