What should I......................?

add to my poem

As day turns to night, the stars appear in the sky,
My thoughts turn to you and I question myself why,
Why do I love you? I stop and I smile
Knowing the list will run on for miles.

I love the sound of your voice, the way we touch
So many things make me love you so very much,
Like how you support me and help with my emotions
How you show that you care and show such devotion.

I love that one tender kiss makes me quiver within
And the touch of your hand, the warmth of your skin,
I love how I catch you looking at me
Lost in your eyes is where I wish to be.

I love the way I feel when I’m by your side
A sense of completion and overflowing pride
All the dreams that I have, they involve you
The possibilities I see and the things we can do.

You’ve completed the puzzle that lies in my heart
And deep in my soul, you’re the most precious part,
My list of thoughts and feelings shall come to an end
As now our heart beats as one, as soul mates, as friends.

Nice poem! I think you should add something in between the last stanza and the second to last one. The transition is a little awkward there. But, a breathtaking poem otherwise!
Don't add anything! That's beautiful!
What a beautiful poem! You are a true poet!
Wow. Incredible.

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