*Are you consciously aware of your subconscious mind?

Out of curiosity, how many people out there are aware that they can become aware of their subconsciousness, and please explain in detail, your experiences.
*This is your final exam;)

I think that the subconscious mind stores all that has been pushed into storage by your conscious mind. My subconscious is constantly triggered by conscious stimuli and makes for quite a regular, interesting picture show inside my head - a kaleidoscope of entertaining visions based on the revelations revealed when the conscious and "subconscious" collide! Did I pass??
All the time! Think will completely lose it soon! :) Here's a quote - "All that you do, say, think, hear, see, taste, smell and feel are what the subconscious mind makes you aware of at any one time. The conscious mind is passive."
The site below has tips on using your subconsious mind to your advantage.
Are you kidding, I can't be alone for one little minute. "Hey, shut up." No you shut up. "What would you do without me." Find a little peace!
We may lose our subconscious mind, but something better will be gained. There is no name for it, yet, of course.
It's the knee-jerk reaction of personal fancies and phobias, but some of it is our archaic heritage. Once we know we react sharply to shapes of spiders, snakes and slimy things, and warmly towards circles, cycles and eyes, with practice we could recognise what is happening when we see them.

Advertisers use these symbols all the time the crafty monkeys.
The last few years, yes... A lot more than I should... Which has made me basically crazy...:)
LOL Well i know when my subconcious mind perks up... my instincts make me aware, and for years i paid close attention, its funny i can be talking to someone and be thinking something different at the same time

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