Is the saying true that you can't love another if you don't love yourself?

If so, what a pity?!

It's not that you forget yourself, but love all equally. The intuition connects you to the love inside and you become whole. A whole being loving another whole being. Most of us are living in a 'logical' world instead of an experiencing world. Look up emotional intelligence and that should help get you on center. Sensing the center of your being and you should do well. It's a matter of technique, easily learned, but it's better when developed. People do this naturally. Pick it up from their parents. It's just a state of awareness everyone is coming into. There's plenty of info on the web. Emotional intelligence lead me to intuition and my judgment went from bad to good. It connects to your love and you realize it's within and not dependant on the without. Love is more a rule. You love a flower, but you don't expect anything from it. It's not selfless, but unconditional. If you don't appreciate the wonder of you, then you have conditional love towards yourself. We all make mistakes and they are in the past. Forget them and do better. The idea is to forgive yourself and others. Judgment of others and the mind is funny, it judges you too. It is impartial. So if you judge yourself you will judge your spouse and that won't work. That doesn't mean not to judge ideas, just not the whole person, it's a killer if you do. truly love someone else is to forget oneself..but if you do not love yourself then loving someone else may be a result of needing the love which you lack in yourself...

...referring to love for someone else other than an offspring ..although it can also apply...
But you can definitely obsess over them.
Are speaking of romantic love? Otherwise, there are plenty of low self esteem people who love their children with all their heart.
I think that makes sense.
I think it is true. I think we tend to treat others as we treat ourselves. Some of us don't know how to treat ourselves well, because we never learned. We may think, for example, that constant critisizm is good for us so we critisize ourselves and others thinking that this is the way to improve our world. But we don't realize that critisizm immobilizes people more than energizes them. So we immobilize ourselves and others. The intention is good but the implementation is off. Also, when we treat ourselves bad we feel bad, and we don't feel like giving to others. If we are miserable, our misery eventually rubs off onto those around us. I don't believe altruism exists to the level that we can totally neglect ourselves and give to others. I think that's for the movies. We as human beings are not capable of this.
One more note, in this case I am referring to love as being able to help people be happy, to improve their lives. I'm not referring to love as having feelings for someone.
NO i don't believe so i think if you are self- conscious about your self on loving yourself your relationship with another person would be stronger. hang in there
I would have to say no. I didnt love my sself for a really long time. But I fell in love with, first a friend of mine, which could never be. And then, years later, my husband.

I couldnt love my self, but through the love me husband showed me, I learned to love my self.
It is a handsome crock. can't give away something you dont have.
Yes, it is true that you can't love another if you don't love yourself. Not a vain kind of love, but self regard, self respect, knowing you are worthy, knowing that at your core, you are divine. Then you can also hold others with the same regard, respect, worthiness, and know they too are divine.

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