What makes you happy?

I am not unhappy, just curious about the variety of things that give people pleasure and make them happy

Hi, lots of things make happy, here goes:
My children (all adults now)
My granddaughter
Children and babies laughing/playing/having fun
Being with my friends
Good food/drink
My partner, he is the best thing that ever happened to me (apart from my children) and on Wednesday we're going to tour round France for 6 months in a motor home, this trip would have been impossible without him
my kids and my family i love them dearly and without them i wouldnt be anything or even happy.x
If I have money in the bank and my boyfriend and I are going shopping. If I lose 1,2,3,4,or5 pounds. My family happy makes me happy... getting A's in my school.
love live an prezzies .
Listening to music that I feel passionate about.
Spending time with my family/friends.
Christmas morning.
Running down hills.
Money, food, cars, etc.
When I feel fulfilled and when I feel there is nothing missing in my soul - in spite of everything.
Who doesn't? lol
My God, my wife, my family, my friends, my dogs, the neighbours dogs, my artwork, my photo's, my calligraphy, my tasty comfort foods, a good night's sleep, feather pillows, my sister's dog, clean sheets, warm clothes in winter, rainstorms, my wife when she's horny, extra money in my pockets, my old Friend's dog, funny jokes, shoes that fit like a glove, small presents from out of the blue, the smell of Lilacs, a job well done, income tax rebates, and puppies. Ten points would make me happy too.
loads of money...........
my friends
knowing I'm alive(:P most times it's a last resort)
knowing how fortunate I am
knowing that God loves me!!!
My family (kids& husband). Friends and life in gental Iam glade to be alive and able to experince life and all it holds for me and my family and Friends.
seeing people happy, or seeing my cousin again.......whenever he smiles his playful smile, it just warms my heart up, and when he teases me, there's always laughter coming after..............*sighs*
too bad i won't be seeing him for about 1 or 2 years.....
we would be on different continents for a while.............isn't that just plain sad? he's so nice, he treats me like his own sister......
I'm so depressed by that now.............
doing well,my friends,compiments on a bad day
The person I love most.
God. My family. Being productive. Helping others. Many things make me happy.
My kids,sunny days,lie ins,music,chocolate,vodka,putt... a smile on someone elses face.Im pretty much always happy anyway :-)
Being on my own, on a sunny day, with Classic fm on in the background and my cat snoring his head off on the back of the settee.

A bit like now.
Peace and quiet...I live in a very noisy building!
Time off with my sweetie
Talking with good friends
Watching a favourite movie or reading a good book
Anything really!
A hot summers day,a field full of flowers,my new ps3, all the kids in my family, but most of all everybodys smile!!!
being with my partner and my friends
friends, family, good times, l.i.f.e in general.
Life itself makes me happy.
My son (4 months old) My pride and joy!
My fiance - love of my life!
Cuddling up in front of the fire on winter nights.
relaxing in a beer garden on warm summer evenings with all the people i love around me.
Going clubbing with the girls and laughing so hard I cant breath! lol
making love, and when my fiance holds me in his arms before we go to sleep at night. There is probably a whole lot more but I wont go on. I am really grateful for what I have and thanks for your question, i just realised how lucky I am!! x
The illusion of freedom until I bounce off the walls.
when i wake up every morning
apart from my lovely children...my passion is diamonds - i cant help it. some people like clothes or cars...but if i see a spectacular piece of stunning jewellery - i will save and save like crazy until i own it...i know its weird...but it just gives me great pleasure - my husband thinks i am nuts..but each to their own i think!
My son - knowing that he is happy with his life and knowing he is doing a very meaningfull job transfers the happiness right back to me.
seeing the sunrise in the morning and to feel that another day has dawned and another hope to make things right.

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