A little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

Whether willing or not people are forced into education. Ignorance can be inbred and run deep. What you end up with sometimes are the educated ignorant who don't know how to apply their intelligence but do know how to do harm because of their education. Further more the education impowers them wtih inflated egoes which supports their desire to make trouble in society.

Uh, did you have a question?

What the young experience is not genuine education, and I agree, what we do in school tends to not only not educate in any useful way, but in successful students, the current educational system breeds intellectual arrogance (and a LOT of mislearning).

Desire to make trouble I see as more a psychological problem; education isn't at fault, but it provides the means.
That's a misquote, for a start...

Here ya go, educate yourself...

You're absolutely correct. I remember being in Engineering School in Louisiana and then there was the Iran controversy. We had Iranian students, in Engineering, who really created a terrible problem. Then they graduate and use what they learned @ American Universities against America.
Yea you're right; "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". But then on the obverse side of the coin; a lot of knowledge can be even more dangerous!
Higher education is not forced, nor apparently is a general public education when one considers how many students drop out. Higher education, one that could potentially enable someone to use that education for harm, is primarily a necessity, if one wants to afford to live better than those with less education. There will always be those, with or without an education, who intend harm to others. Knowledge is never a dangerous thing. It is what one does with that knowledge that is potentially dangerous.
I totally agree and feel this happens with much of the English middle class's, They have no real intelligence just a good education which they use as a weapon to make others feel inferior.

I' m glad this issue has been raised and look forward to reading other answers.
Those with a little education often don't realize how much they don't know. Also, don't forget that knowledge is power. SO you are right many people use their power for the wrong things.
You cannot be educated, intelligent and ignorant at the same time. The word IGNORANT is a latin word meaning: they do not know. A man on a cross told his Father: Forgive them for they know not what they do. They were ignorant-they did not know. And your spelling errors are atrocious. And if you don't know then you should.
God says "My people perish through lack of knowledge".
a great teacher once said to me.... where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise...i would add to that by saying ..there is none so arrogant as a pseudo intellectual this site is full of them

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