What are you getting out of your life ?

despair and despondency at the moment which isnt good.
crap job
no point to the future
ive got a glass of red wine. i suppose that might be good.
sorry to moan
A life time of experiences some are even pretty good.
exept basketball
not as much in the past as i'd like, but now i have a 21mth old, life is giving me so much laughter, experience and memories to take to my grave!
health kindness
The rewards of what i put in.
I like to think of it more as what am I putting into life? Life doesn't owe me anything and I will only get out of it what I put into it.
Absolutely nothing these days. Going to go to my bed now. Bored out my skull. Got dumped earlier too. :-(
Sweet F.A
joy from others i'm a student nurse. love from some great family and friends. happiness from day to day living as i am very lucky with everything i am blessed with.
A lot of love and kindness especially from some wonderful people on YA. x Peace and may the force be with you. x
Nothing at the moment but whats new...

I'M one of those guys that continually gets passed over, the lowest paid, the longest awkward hours and I give 120% and get shown the door at the slightest whimper or company loss in business.

SO I don't get allot out of life, I'M long over due to end my sorry life with an overdose or blow my head off or simply do a Humber bridge job...

The light at the end of the tunnel is a tiny pin prick of light and no matter how hard I try to reach it, they extend the tunnel.

I haven't worked in 10 years due to an accident at work for which I never saw any compensation and then the company goes bankrupt due to the company director had his hand in the cookie jar and made off with the money.

I have been cheated out of earnings in excess of £40,000 so please tell me, what have I got to look forward to other than a bleak outlook, it didn't just rain, it *iss's it down.
nothing, i wouldn't have lost or gained anything if i didn't have a life.
it would be so much better
Well,to be specific right now an itchy bum, a tell tale indicator that i'm sitting around and simply not doing enough. I'm broke unemployed and piling on the weight having just turned 48. Very uncertain what I want but damn sure what I don't want. I've been pretty lucky, things have been worse, after all I should be long dead by now. Looking forward to what will always lie ahead for me.

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