A question for women...mmm now how do I put this?

I'm gonna use metaphor because of the kids on the site.

Do you ever have dreams about a particular activity you really really enjoy and them you are woken up by your very own internal fireworks display?

Have you had this or is it just me and am I just blessed lol!

No-i always wake up before the fireworks really kick in-damn
;-) !!xx
i have this from time to time, we are truly blessed, girl.
this happens to me regularly
good for u huni..but i havnt...
Oh YES!!
Interesting... now that's mind over matter. Sorry, I'm not a woman. But I must say, that's got to be a nice thing to wake to.
Could this be the female equivalent of a wet dream?

If so, I have never heard of a woman having one before. You must be some kind of a gentic freak - or at least a desirable one considering the amount of women out there who can't climax properly when doing things in the "awake" way...
hehe we're both blessed
Oh yes, and its a little embarrasing as my husband must wonder whats going on - I often wonder if I make a lot of noise!
I have been woken up by these fireworks on many occasions. I don't remember the dream, but who cares! WAHOO!
Sorry, this is not the kind of thing I would discuss with anyone other than a close friend, but I do thank you for using some tact..which seems to be seriously lacking on YA for the most part.
yes i have great isnt it !
Oh yeah. I think we are both blessed with this. :] I think women have their minds deeper in the gutter than guys do. lol
those are the best dreams...you are not alone there are many blessed women out there...right of to bed, heres hoping !!
Yes. Its better than the real thing. No effort required and no damp patch!
I like it very much how about you ?
Yes it is very normal, for girl sto feel this, it's almost like those "wet dreams" guys get,lol. But thanks to god, they cannot notice this.lol. Very normal. :}Ciao*
me too!sometimes I wonder what we need men for!! oh yeah thats it, to mow the lawn:)
good question!! definitely, but sometimes it's worrying when you wake up in bed with your mate...
Yo Cleocat, I am a guy. I am stupid, ignorant and selfish and I don't give a **** about anyone but ME!! There is one thing I regret however, it is that I am not able to comprehend the subtle instincts of a Woman. If I were a Woman, I would be the biggest whore this side of Calcutta and I would tease men till they were close to exhaustion...Cos I could!! I would tease them, taunt them and drive them to the brinks of madness and then let them consider buying me a drink!! Forget the dreams, forget the lust, forget the consequences, I would just be a Woman regardless!! Men dream about Women, Women dream about handbags, we both end up with the things we desire. It is just that the guy has to spend more!! You are blessed and I am the guy lighting your fireworks!! Take care.....
I have but without the firework display
It,s called a wet dream!

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