Could you talk to your subconscious in your dream?

could your conscious self talk to your subconscious self?

Hi Dylan

Yes, and no. It depends what you have in mind.

In very basic terms:

As Dorian's answer implies, there is only one "self" - which has a conscious and an unconscious aspect. In simple terms, your "conscious mind" is whatever mentall activity you are consciously aware of. Your "subconscious mind" is all the other mental activity, which you aren't CURRENTLY consciously aware of.

Your conscious mind interacts with your subconscious mind during the day in that your awareness is frequently shifting to different aspects of what is going on in your head.

At night, during REM sleep (which is when we usually dream) our brain is constantly shifting stored information around to make sense of it. This process uses the hippocampus as a "holding area", so to speak, just as the conscious mind uses it as "short tem memory holder" whilst we're awake.

When you're asleep you are technically "unconscious", that is to say, it is primarily the conscious mind that turns in for the night. However, when you remember a part of a dream, either because you wake up during a period of REM sleep, or when you wake up in the morning, that COULD be very loosely described as your unconscious mind talking to your conscious mind.
No, I am my subconscious self. But I guess many people talk to themselves all the time.
You can't deny that everything in a dream is created by your subconscious mind. As a result, everybody you talk to in that dream is your subconscious. Isn't that amazing?
No. Your subconscious talks to you. And that's the Truth.
yes, affirmations came from this. What you say is consciencely heard, but programs your self conscience. Your self conscience is like a bulldozer, your conscience is like the hands on the controlls. The dozer does not know right or wrong instructions it only knows what the conscience is telling it. If you speak negitive enough you will start being and acting negitive, if you start talking positive and watch what you say you will begin to be more positive. You must watch what is going on around you also that is verbal. If you were scare to death to jump but everyone around you is chantting, jump, jump, jump, you can do it jump, you have a high chance of overcoming your frozen fear and jumping. Just try it for 20 days, start telling yourself out loud what you want, how your going to do it, what your going to change whatever, guard yourself from sources that are contrary to what you want and see for your self how different you feel and what you start working to achieve. 20 days is all it takes to break a habit, sub conscience programing is all it take to get you moving in that direction.

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