Im bullied will that make me a bad person ?

hey im 16 i was always made fun of but i wasnt techniquely "bullied" i had friends...ppl like to spend time with me they just dnt realy respect me...however i can deal with it these days but can this make me a complicated person when i grow up ? i mean what kinda of persons will i become an usure one ?
will it help if i becme a psychologist and help others ?

Being bullied will not make you a bad person. It also depends on how you react. If you take a bad reaction, and bully on others, then You are doing something wrong. After being bullied get advice on what to do. Don't let them bullies take control over you.

Let them know you are who you are, and you are not what they think you are. Be confident in your self, and yes this is a challenging problem to deal with. I have experience in this issue.

I just graduated high school, and I was bullied MY ENTIRE FRESHMAN YEAR. Yes the ENTIRE year, and this is meaning 180 days of being bullied. I survived it, and I letted them know who I was and wasn't. I was conflicted at the time, and didn't have any support from others. I did change into a bad person, because I gave other a hard time. I finally got tired of it, and got advice. Eventually I became a better person. Before that I had other problems that caused this problem, but I got help and mentally changed myself for the better. Now I'm a better person.

Well you have friends, from what you said. This gives you advantage, from what I had. I didn't have many friends then. Speak to your friends, and see if they can give you advice. To do that, won't hurt. (might help you even)

If you understand this enough and want to become a psychologist, then study to be one. This is upp to you, and is up to the way you deal with this. You will survive it, I did.
You already sound like a psychologist.
So go for it and be one.
Get your education and go on.
You seem to understand feelings and you will be a strong person, not a bad person.
I think usually being bullied can make a person stronger and in the end more self confident and compassionate. I was bullied and it made me do the complete opposite to other people as I have progressed in life.
You gotta choose right here and now to not let them change your life on a negative impact. I was bullied because of my weight when I was younger. I lost the weight and I found a few of my classmates back then on myspace we talk and they did compliment me. Im not lettting their cruel words haunt me its in the past this is my future. You have to have self worth. You will live a miserable life if you dont.

Their teasing played a negative impact on me I didnt want to be like them or live my life in any negative way. I look back thinking Id rather be teased than be the teaser. I learn that kids can be cruel its a cruel world. But alot of them grow up realizing what they did doesnt matter now. Forgive and move on. Show them who you are and never settle for anything less.
Only time will tell. We all have our choices to make.
Only if you let being bullied make you one. Just remember to pick yourself up, keep walking, and don't let anyone stop you.

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