Can anybody give me a definition of "loyalty".After discussion over a few pints we all had different ideas,

a loyal person will always b there 4u,will never judge u&will b there watever
To be devoted to someone no matter what. To be there for that person for life.

loyalty - what I got.
Darlin, that's like asking a bride to describe white or a mother which child is her favorite. The only sure fire way to define it...know it when you feel it! Most of the time your family will give you loyality (okay, not always!), but when you can receive that from a friend or companion--that's the ultimate. It is probably one of the most humbling emotions as well.
Giving someone good advice. Then, helping them deal with the consequences of doing the opposite of what you said.

Keeping your disagreements with him/her private and, if you must, only referring to them in general terms after the argument. Saying positive things about them when you can and offering the best possible construction of what they've done or are doing. Never saying anything to anyone else that you wouldn't be happy having them quote exactly back to your friend. (You can't help if others misunderstand or just plain lie.)

Obviously, this means only the most positive gossip. AND, you can't be loyal to very many people so you have to choose who's worthy of that loyalty.
Loyalty is basically when you stand by your friends and family, or indeed anyone who is your ally. You give yourself to the people around you, so thay they know they can depend on you.

In my opinion, loyalty is actually a bad quality to have, because it promotes closed-mindedness and 'pack mentality'.
It is okay to be loyal, when there is respect, and when the people you are loyal to are loyal back. That way, it is a lot easier to be open-minded.

If you were loyal to the church, perhaps, what would your reaction be to somebody bringing ideas to you from other religions?
I'm sure you would tell them to go away, because they are making your mind impure, and telling you things that you don't believe.

If you were not so loyal to the church, and were totally open-minded, I'm sure you would listen to the foreign preacher, and then compare his teachings to that which you have already learned, thus forming your very own set of beliefs.

Another thing, a little more relevant.

At war with some other country, in 2042, you are a British soldier. You only want to serve your country, as you are loyal to the King (I'm sure there will be one by then). Unfortunately, you have heard the reasons why the enemy is fighting you, and you absolutely agree. You are sure that what you are doing is wrong.
The question is:

Loyalty, or morality
Loyalty to me is a bit like promising someone something in good faith and then this person goes against what you both decided then i could'nt be loyal to them anymore. Its a bit difficult this one."Loyalty". Loyalty means to always be there, but what if the person changes from the one you promise to be loyal to then i dont see how you can be loyal.
I think that the word 'loyalty' by itself, is in need of qualification. Loyalty to what? A partner, and ideaology, a religion. You might follow a person out of loyalty, but believe that they are wrong in what they are doing. You couldn't do that with religion, otherwise you would be a hypocrite, and you wouldn't be being loyal to it.
it would seem to be a dying habit loyal persons are few and far between in this modern age

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