Weird Dream!!!?

i had this dream where i nearly cut my foot off with a hand chainsaw.... and i can still walk and all and i told my father i had to go to the doctor and my girlfriend was there and i asked her if she wanted to come and she said no and laughed and said yes. Then we went in to the hospitol and had to walk there on the crazy highway looking thing and when i got there i was dressed up in an otter outfit and i was gettign arrested for some stupid thing and finally the doctor saw me and said the my foot was dead and thats when i woke up....that was freaky dream....what does it mean????

Just means your waking life is messed up. You feel like there might be something wrong with you (dead foot).
You also may be having troubles with your glf because she said ''no'' then laughed and said ''yes''. so your situations in life arent clear and you need to work through your relationships.
I have nooooooooo clue! That's really weird but not as weird as a lot of Barney's chasing you in the middle of a hotel.
It means you will die soon.

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