Is this wierd? i get up real early when its still dark and i like to go get my bike and...?

look up at the stars and moon in the nice peaceful darkness. Except my new neighbour has her bathroom window opposite where i park my bike- its the only place i can park it- and she likes to shower with the blinds open and the lights on. its kills my early morning joy. i mean you cant see anything just her head and shoulders but yucko. And i mean i think its not like she is enjoying the view of our house or anything and everybody knows that you cant see out in the dark when you have your light on anyway. she knows i park my bike there and she hears me starting it up in the morning. i have even seen her peering out the window at me. why does she not close her blinds? yuck.

Maybe she's an exhibitionist. Don't look, or park your bike somewhere else. Your morning routine sounds nice, don't let her ruin it.
no, does not sound weird to me. it sounds like a beautiful sight to me! the stars and moon i mean not the naked lady.
Just ask her politely that you don't want to disturb (or see) her so if she would kindly close the blinds in the morning, it wouldn't be a problem.
She is an exhibitionist. Some people like to be looked at. Just don't look.
Ignore her and think how beautiful the sky will be.

I don't want to think about why she doesn't close her blinds. That's her business. Yours is getting going!

The stars are just beautiful tonight in western Montana. I hope the sky is clear tomorrow AM for you!
She either doesn't care or doesn't realize you notice. Next time you catch her looking at you just wave, she should get the hint she can also be seen. Or perhaps leave an anonymous note saying that the neighborhood would appreciate her closing the bathroom blinds.
maybe you could give her some of her own medicine and ride your bike naked.

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