Kill the different!?

Why shouldnt different people be killed?

its kinda hard to kill the same person
b/c its not right and without different people the world would be very boring and im one of thoes different people
The USA is doing that. Death penalty. ~
i'm thinking that "spankee" is one of those different people.
they might be special in theri on way
Aren't you different?
where would it stop?
Everyone is different, you're different, I'm different, no two people are exactly the same. It makes us all special, and if we were all the same it would be pretty dull.
who gives us, humans, the right to kill those who are different from us? who? if we have the right like that, i can kill everybody that looks different than me. you might get killed if you wear jeans instead of shorts. what would you feel if you got killed just because you were wearing a neck-tie? huh??!! i despise human who judge others from god pov. they live, you live. they bleed blood, you bleed blood(unless you bleed out gassoline). you, them, me, us, are one creation. one small s*it in this universe. don't try to judge others just for being different.
Try something effective and new "kill the stupid".

To prevent this from happening all over again.
Because differences should be embraced, not destroyed
who told u that different people should be killed, why dont we live in a world full of peace.

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