Why are people so negative about life?

It could have been because they've been traumatized by something terrible that happened to them. Also, sometimes it would seem to them as if the people around them are all problem-free and that they're always happy, when in reality no one today can be happy all the time. They may also feel as if they cannot cope and solve their problems and difficulties. They may also look at the world today and notice that bad seems to triumph over good. Today so many people are violent, selfish, proud, etc. There are wars, natural disasters, etc. Some people just can't handle all these problems and can't think positive so they just become negative because they're depressed and sad. Also, maybe they feel lonely. I'm not 100% sure though.
Nobody has taught them better.
They're just reaching out for somebody to give them a back hand upside the head.
some people just feel different about life than others and some just say stuff like that to be cool or sound cool which...they are not.
because people suck
no no, I'm just kidding
I think we tend to notice when they go wrong, because then the situation requires some action on our part to make it right again.
I think with all the war and the global warming talk, we get tired.
people not thinking nice things.always thinking negative, and live Tarbell life,Oslo this Cain of people are troubles makers,because they Mack Q.that aggravate others.you must ,stop socialize with them they are not good people
Life? Don't talk to me about life!

Douglas Adams, (Marvin the Paranoid Android) The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 - 2001)
Why does everyone have to go through life with a big plastic smile on their face? Why do they have to leap with joy and excitement when something bad happens? Why the hell do good days have to be frickin sun shiny?

That ain't normal man!

If you are working on the computer and the power goes out while typing something important I feel like punching the positive stupid outlook people. Is the glass half empty or half full? Let me ask you this Mr. Positive. Is the electricity half on or half freakin' off? Does it make a difference if it is half on? Did it make a bit of difference if you were delighted that the electricity was half on? NO! The electricity whether or not it was half on or half off just flamed the project you were workin' on. It killed it. Get it? Now instead of doing cartwheels and jumping jacks for joy because the world is sooooo cool the REAL guys of the world get freakin' pissed off and negative. That is a NORMAL and REALISTIC response. Anyone who smiles and says "Oh goody!" needs to be pummeled and then locked up and put away.

Who the hell wants a society of grinning idiots telling you how great the world is? I hate it when people tell me its a nice day. How the hell would you know? I like my days rainy. I like clouds. I like the cold biting into me because I know that I am ALIVE. I have a pulse and anything past that is gravy. I don't have to have a grin on my face to enjoy life! Sunshine sucks! The world is a tough place in my negative view. You either cope with it or you succumb to it. No amount of positive thinking ever stopped a lion from eating a gazelle. Nature will thin the heard.

And we are all gonna die. Even the most positive guy in the world is going to kick the bucket. When something truly good happens in life and I smile I guarantee that I feel good. I feel that good moment wash me over. I wonder if Mr. Positive feels it? How can he? He is living in a world of infinite bliss.

Bah! Don't get me started!

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