Who would you like to come back and haunt?

yvette fielding of most haunted
My step dad his treated my life like a living hell
my ex
my boss.
um.. i am not a real hateing kind of person but i would say all the seriel killers and bush i guess.
my friend sweet heart stacy.w she passed a way just on july 9th 2007 i was in love with her for 6 years but i was to shy to tell her now she pass a way . r.i.p. stacy.
The person who came up with this question.

Everyone in our government that is screwing the public.
This b|tch that talks behind my back and deserves no glass of water on her deathbed.
hitler and bush
My headteacher. You'll forgive my immaturity, but what a bitc h!
my ex to tell him that i still love him
My ex
i gonna come back and bite lot of people real badly. i gonna sink my teeth into the face and rip and like a crazy wolf be savage them for leaving me here in this place.
People who are afraid of ghosts.
Everyone that hates me, boy and there are lots, see ya all in the dark.
A girl I work with, she has made so many people unhappy

that will leave about twenty other people who could haunt someone else.
The stupid customers that I have to serve!

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