Why are people of different races so sensitive?

Of course there is racism in this world. I've seen it's ugly head first hand working in the hospital. I've also seen more of the opposite, love and kindness for each other.
But sometimes, it seems you can't win.

In all honesty, white people don't know what black people want. Using the word 'black' makes some black people mad. Respectfully, I don't get that.
That is a description needed to be used at times. Just as white is.

I heard a wise black educator describe what he told his child when he came running home crying that a boy at school called him a poor black kid. He told him yes, you are black and yes you are a kid. He was wrong to call you poor. He taught him to be proud when he was called black, not ashamed of it.

First the race wanted and deserved to be included in everything all people got to do. Then when they were, they began to differentiate themselves in reverse and isolate themselves. The races are divided more due to this. It's very confusing.

Not sure. Good question. I think most people treat each other with respect, people with good sense.

It's the people of each race that are out of control that cause the problems. Fanatical acting.
It must be their skin color.
racism is made because the human nature needs a reason to put eachother up on a higher status. this makes the races, in effect, more diverse. the truth is everyone's a little bit racist.but people should keep their comments to themselves.racist jokes aren't personal attacks. if some one is commiting a hate crime it is deep within a cry for attention or simply how they were raised. this does not excuse their crime.
Yes, very educational
What's so confusing? Non whites want to be treated like people not because they are of a race different from yours, but because they are people! Anything less than that is racism. Is that plain enough for you?
Am I the only one who is seeing Black, White, Asian, Hispanics all getting together as friends? Sometimes I go to Denny's nearby--the tables are full of groups of people of various races doing their homework--or having a business meeting. All of my children have friends of various races, and I have acquaintances of nearly all races.

Of course, I'm talking about students, senior citizens, the working people, etc.--I'm not talking about gangstas.
yes...yes...I don't believe myself to be rascist in anyway at all but i get so iritated when i say one thing-that had nothing to do with rascism-and i'm called rascist or whatever.

why?! if people look for hate, they are going to find it. like saying 'crazy black person' about somebody who you know, just joking, and people go crazy calling you rascist! 'crazy white person' is used everyday w/o consequence and we can't put in 'black'. why not? are you not proud? or say 'you people' to someone who is black (or any race) and they automatically assume that you meant 'black people'.

and calling rap 'black people music'. what race sings rap mostly?! black people! what's wrong with that! it sometimes seems that you can't, in anyway, point out someone's race and, if you do, you will be instantly be accused of being rascist.

why did OJ Simpson get off? Why can't someone black be elected without someone mentioning discrimination and trouble being elected due to race? about being poor in the ghetto! first, most americans are white. there's a higher chance of a 'white' person being elected (also, more white men run). and to the ghetto, there are JUST AS MANY poor white kids. they can pull themselves up too. white people can't even always call it a 'hood'. 'black people live in hoods' oh. and you can't listen to rap or like jewerly or anything like that because you will be accused of 'trying to be black/ghetto!! that probably gets on my nerves more than anything! im white so i can't like rap?! it's a style. like emo, or goth, or skater, or preppy. why can't people just be left alone?

of course, this is not true for every person of every race. probably not the majority, but it happens everyday.

why? maybe they feel oppressed and need to take out their anger but don't we all?...i just don't understand.
No person, of any race, wants to be insulted.

The more they are insulted, the more they resent it.

This is universal human reaction, not a function of some races.

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