Is this true ?

i noticed that to become popular and respected in highskool all we have to do is 1-become like everyone else
2-make fun of ppl so no1 makes fun of us
3-give up important stuff like religion...
if u disagree give me other ways to become popular
and respected

Those are most definitely the ways to become popular and respected in High School, but High School represents a kind of alternate reality that does NOT represent the big picture of life.

If you are looking for lifelong popularity and honest respect, you gain it by holding fast to what you believe, without pushing what you believe on other people. If you do what you think is right, and you are consistent with your actions, then people WILL notice and respect it.

Talking behind backs and giving up religion is the quick and easy path, but if you are the only one in a crowd who is not talking bad about a person, you might be looked down upon in the short run, but in the long run, you have set yourself apart as being different and holding on to your beliefs even when everyone else around you was doing something different.
Don't give in to the stupid herd. Individually , people can be tolerated, even enjoyed. A group where everyone wants to be popular is incredibly shallow and self absorbed. You won't believe how fast you'll forget all of high schools' societal norms
once you leave it's artificial and forced atmosphere. Is it any wonder that many are home schooled now?
Highschool was awhile ago for me, but I remember the struggle to "be popular" all too well. I think what you said is how many teenagers feel they can become popular, but in reality those aren't the ways to go about it.

To "be like everyone else" takes away your own identity...why not instead be yourself and stay strongly behind your beliefs? It's a tough thing to do, I know.believe me, I know, but through the years people WILL respect you for it.

Picking on others isn't the right approach either...anyone who's been "picked on" knows how painful that can be. Maybe instead, be the person who sticks up for those who are being singled out. Again, that's a tough thing to do, especially if it's going against the crowd, but if you can be that kind of person, you will earn respect.

If you have faith and religion is part of your life, don't give that up...use it instead to help you through the hard times.

Being "popular" really isn't all it's cracked up to be...just be yourself...people will like and respect you for it.

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