What knowledge of HUMAN BEHAVIOR do you have? Are you good at assessing a person's mental health?

Here are the facts. A good friend of mine has been divorced and has lived by himself since 1998. Since 1998 he has had the same ROUTINE EVERY Friday and Saturday Evening. Every Friday Evening he spends a couple of hours in the local laundermat, Every Saturday Evening he takes a bag full of bread and crackers walks down to the local park and feeds the ducks! Based on my DIRCT OBSERVATION of my friends behavior; Riddle me this: (1) What reasonable conclusions can be reached about the state of my friends SOCIAL LIFE? (2) The state of my friends MENTAL HEALTH? (3) Would it be INACCUARATE to say that my friend likes to wear clean underware and that he does not like to see ducks go hungry?

Depending on his age and personality, these are fairly good places for him to meet women. Or meet any friends. Safer than bars, less expensive. Pretty mentally healthy, it seems.

But what about you? Do you "directly observe" your friend every weekend by following him around? How are YOU doing?
i dont know about all of that...but i do know that ' human behavior ' is a cool song by that icelandic named Bjork. she so cute.
if that is the only odd things your friend does then he may just be an introvert who does not like change.
This is an interesting question because I can't figure out why you asked it. Usually it is immediately evident to me. Congrats!
I would say that he is an introverted, clean, animal (aviary) lover.
Good luck
1. Your friends social life is fine. The older you get, the less friends you have. It's estimated that the average person feels like they have only 1 REALLY good friend.
2. His mental health is great. He's comfortable in his own skin and doesn't feel the need to surround himself with people just to be happy. He's content.
3. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha
Sounds like he is bored out of his mind. He probably needs people in his life to communicate with. Maybe he would like to go back to his wife. Everybody likes to wear clean underwear. He's making the ducks fat. Hope he gets some excitement in his life before too long.
These things by themselves say almost nothing.

Your friend likes routine, or at least those routines.

(As someone who habitually runs out of clean underwear, I wish I were more like him.)

What gives you reason for concern?

This isn't your style?

Is there some reason that your friend should do, not what he wants to do, but what you want him to do?

It simply isn't the case that people who don't party on Friday and Saturday night will DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH from the lack.

Not everyone is into crowds and noise and superficial chit-chat and the whole dreary partying scene.

It's a myth that one HAS to go out Fridays and Saturdays. Common, but false. (It does more damage than your friend's preference for clean clothes and duck-feeding.)

Some people like constant change, and excitement, and liveliness.

Others don't.

By themselves, your observations don't suggest any mental health problem.

So he enjoys feeding the ducks. What's it to you?

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