Question about talking.?

When you are in love with someone, and when you two are together, and conversations do not come naturally, does that mean you are not really in love? When I'm around this guy it takes awhile for us to start talking naturally. But there are times in which conversation is hard.

HI, I know what you mean ...and I think the problem is sometimes we are thinking so hard on what to say that we get in our own way and don't allow for things to just ..flow..and I also think it is great that the two of you hang in there untill it does begin to flow and come naturaly.HAVE FUN and DONT THINK TOO MUCH!!

i feel the same way..
i cant really give u advice on this bcu i broke up with him bcuz of that.. but i really regret it.. bcuz i do love him.. its just..i guess it depends on the couple..
That can be really difficult. Try not to over think it and become comfortable with the silences. If you truly love each other there should be no awkward silences, they can be just as meaningful as talking. Consider what you end up talking about most of the time and if you really want to keep this up try figuring out what you are going to talk about before you see this person. If it's really uncomfortable, maybe you need to be more active while together so there is always something to chat about, otherwise it may not be meant to be.
When you realize you have deep feelings for someone, some times we become self conscious around them because we want to be seen in the best light.With someone new there's a hesitation in conversation because we don't know each others thoughts takes time to learn to converse with any one new, don't doubt that its not love, its just the nerves of always wanting to say the right things, it will become easier with the passage of time...enjoy love's first blush, there's nothing like it!
It sounds like you are in a fairly new relationship. I think you are still at that getting to know each other better stage. The longer the relationship goes on, the more you learn about each other, your habits, likes & dislikes and quirky things, too. The more you get to know each other the closer you will become physically& emotionally. Maybe you're both trying too think of the right thing to say. It doesn't mean you don't love each other. You both are introverts, so it's going to take work on both your parts to loosen up and talk. Once you have that first great conversation, it gets better from there. If he never comes around, then he may not have the depth of character you're looking for.

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