Can you make yourself stop dreaming or dream less?

Weird question I know. But I keep dreaming really heavily at the moment, seems from the minute I go to sleep to the minute I wake. This wouldn't really bother me except I keep waking up with really bad headaches and feeling really drained mentally.
I have a lot going on at the moment, so some stress, but it's not anything I can help. Waiting to hear about housing etc so just have to sit and wait.
Does anyone have any good tips for switching off and switiching off subconciously so I can wake up with headaches?

Many thanks.

mmmhmm - well, there's some good and some bad advice here!
simple tip? lower the amount of stimulation you're getting a couple of hours before sleep - no tv, no gym(!), no internet(!), etc. a REALLY good thing can be to keep a diary and write down what has stressed you out during the day...otherwise read a book(personally i like kids books for this, my favourites being anything by ende(don't be put off by the films of his books which are ALL top 10 worst fims of all time - the books are excellent), and c.s.lewis(his books for grown ups are great too).
but there are alot of therapists who subscribe to the idea of 'dream work' and if you are going through alot at the moment i'd suspect that's why you're dreaming hard - seems like a person's psyche is more important than the body at that 'autonomic' level.
another reason you can wake up feeling bad is if you are waking up DURING one of the cycles of physical processing of waste - if you interrupt those you feel like you have a hangover. alot of people will know that feeling from taking a short nap in the day when the body is fooled into thinking it has time for some 'housekeeping' and dumps toxins into the bloodstream so it can store them better, in fat deposits, for later release at a rate that isn't so overwhelming. if that's what's happening for you i'd suggest you try to make more time for sleep - go to bed earlier whether you're tired or not and see if you can sleep. final (i promise) advice is drink more water - not so much you have to wake up and pee every five minutes but 8 pints of straight water a day...and more if you use caffeine...will make sure you're not suffering from dehydration which can also cause bad sleep and worse waking!
When you dream, your body is repairing the brain, so atm your brain needs alot of repairing. its a good thing.
Stop eating cheese before you go to bed.
try to empty your mind b4 going to sleep as most dreams are in relation to something you have been thinking about
i wish i knew the answer to that question myself, i have a feeling if you get a white noise maker it will help and dreaming is not the brain repairing itself
can you? no, I don't think so. You have no control over that, I suppose.
sometimes, what you eat the previous night , affects a lot your sleep!!... so try first to eat lighter. and.
try to drink chamomile too!

Sadly, you can not stop dreaming. As the brain closes down, for rest, the sub memory part becomes active. Basically, it messes up everything we know and throws it out as a realistic short term experience. However, the good news is that you can train yourself to control your dreams. Concentrating on the memory of happy events while falling asleep will generate calming dreams. As you are worried and stressed, you are falling asleep with a sub memory full of woe and are therefore having bad dreams and are restless. I can almost guarantee that when you wake up, you still feel tired. That is what is draining you, a lack of sleep. When you are stressed, you will continuously drift in and out of REM (deep sleep) and are therefore not getting rested enough. Try listening to some soothing or special music whilst going to bed and don't listen to the old wives tales about not eating cheese etc. It's a load of rubbish. One other thing that can help is for you to have a good soak in a hot, herbal salted, bath for at least 20 minutes, immediately before getting into bed.
i have got the best answer....don't sleep..just kidding!!!

you can work a lot then retire to bed only when u feel sleepy and don't wake up late
This is a terrible problem to suffer from, you have my sympathies

The reason you are having so many dreams is precisely the reason you allude to: - Stress! It is well documented that when we suffer mental stress, we experience more REM sleep, (which is when we dream). Conversely, when we endure physical stress we experience more deep sleep. So, an exercise routine may help to balance the two types of sleep out and in that way, you may have less dreams.

Another reason why you may be having more dreams is if there is too much vitamin B6 in your diet. I know a lot of women take this supplement for various reasons, but one side effect of it is that it produces vivid dreams, - so check what supplements you are taking and think about what you eat.

I find the best way to de-stress is to meditate. - This is quite simple and you only need a few minutes to accomplish it. Lie down in a quiet room and focus your attention on single parts of your body. Start at the feet, tensing the muscles and then relaxing them. - Progressively work your way up the body until you are focussed at the top of your head. When you have done this, just lie there and let your mind go blank. Thoughts will come into your mind, but just don't follow them; - imagine the thoughts are written on pieces of paper and you are just watching them being blown away by the wind.

Keep this up for a few minutes, (or as long as you want) and you will feel much better.

The headaches are obviously brought on by the stress and so de-stressing yourself should see them improve.

Hope this helps.

i was a bit like this and it drove me mad my uncle bought me a dream catcher! its something you hang on ya wall and is supposed to stop bad stress full dreams it might be psychological but it works for me you should try it
Try this web site hope it is some help. ;0)
Get plenty of exercise in the fresh air each day, but not just before bed time .
Eat a healthy diet with as few preservatives and junk food as possible. You may not like it, but camomile tea and honey is a natural tranquilliser.
Keep off the alcohol and nicotine and other stimulants.
Don't watch too much tv or too much PC use late at night.
Read a good book, listen to relaxing music.
Pray...just say what's on your mind to God and let him take the burden each night before you go to sleep. Even if you don't believe in God, he's there and will listen!! What have you got to lose?

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