any pep talks for this one?

I feel so depressed about graduating finally. My grades are starting to slip, but even that doesn't seem to help kick me in gear. I'm terrified that I can't make it in this life. Got any suggestions? (not normally a whiner)

omg ~
it's not the end ..... it's the beginning
you can be anything you want to be!!!!!!!!!!

bring those grades up....and chase your dream!

Your life will be what you make it....make us proud!
I'm a senior right now too. Even though it felt like it all went by so slowly, now looking back it's like "wow, where'd all the time go?" The teachers understand too, especially the ones who are closer to retirement. Everyone just can't wait until summer break, so if you're lucky, they go a bit easier on you. If you REALLY feel that you can't make it, it might be a good idea to talk to a guidence counselor. For me, I just feel really lazy, but I'll find a way to force myself to pull through. Just stick with it, you made it this far already, another month or two won't kill you. I'm really nervous about starting college, because I'm not sure what I even want to go for, but all I can say is to just take things day by day, I guess.

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