Why does the media promote eating disorders?

Many people will disagree and say they don't, but they do. They obsess about and promote "the skinny idea". They say that skinny is beautiful, and that skinny people are happier. This makes me sick. You see, I am a recovering bulimic, and I know what eating disorders are like. They are terrible dieseases that kill people. And the media causes most of them. They try to prove that they are against eating disorders by constantly putting underweight stars in the spotlight, but then flip the page in the magazine and they show you how to lose weight. The mass importance of this issue is too often overlooked.

I'm not sure how ANYONE could disagree with that... unless they're blind and deaf.

It makes me sick too, and I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would think skeletons are "hot." I mean I know it's because they've been trained by society to think that, but why our society thinks skinny-ness is "hot" as opposed to a normal weight, I just don't understand. To me the people our society considers beautiful look more like dead corpses.

Its awful and has caused the deaths of thousands. I'm not sure how it continues, if you ask me, I would make a fine for all media that promote skinny-ness... and it's pretty obvious when they do...
It's tied into the sex sells mythos. Yes, sex does sell, but anorexic women aren't sexy. I like women that are healthy. Anorexia isn't.
The media does whatever it can to make money. As a business, that is it's ultimate goal, and unfortunately, big money making industries are often more willing to overlook morality in favor of profit, and they are protected because it is very difficult to prove to anyone that a specific eating disorder came from a specific show, movie, or music video. And who is responsible? The writers? The artists or actors? The directors? The marketing people? The production company? I think all of them are to a degree, and it is a very difficult issue.
I suppose the media is a viable target, but at the same time one could argue that you don't have to read that magazine or watch that television show or whatever the medium is.

By and large (no pun intended) "We the people" of America have become a victim nation.
We would rather blame others for our own faults.
We won't accept responsibility for our own actions.

Now, this not to say that some of us have issues beyond our control.
It is a fact that some people have addictive personalities, triggered by chemical imbalances.
A case-in-point was my very obese high school drama teacher.
Several years after I graduated, I went to visit him and he was a slim & trim man.
I asked him "how", he said that doctors discovered he had a thyroid imbalance (and not the media's fault!).

But to be sure, the media should accept some of the blame.
However, at the end of the day, one must understand that God gave us free-will, to choose right or wrong.

Uh-oh, I suppose someone out there will find fault with God for doing this!
Let's blame God for eating disorders!
I appreciate your point of view that the media contributes to eating disorders. It's good however that you recognize the media didn't CAUSE your eating disorder. It's an upside down way of looking at things, appearance over substance. The answer is in recognizing that you, and everybody else is more than the body. We HAVE a body, but we are not the body. That being said, it is important to have a healthy body, and being fit is an important part of that. NOTE, I said, being fit, I didn't say being skinny. There's a major difference: Substance over appearance. I want a fit body because I experience life in my body and the quality of my life is dependent upon the quality of my health. Yes, I care about how I look, but I care MORE about how healthy I am, and even MORE about who I am. See the difference?

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