NA/AA relationships/recovery?

I'm in the program and have done a lot of 12 step work and volunteer counciling.. I find myself for the first time in a position where I'm needed to help someone I'm involved with. Should I reccomend she seek her primary recovery help elsewhere? This person has never been in the program and resists it.

First of all you can not help a person who does not want help. Evidently, there are several people around us all the time that need help you have probably noticed that more so now. You deserve credit for being sensitive to your partner and if she is in any way admitting to you that she needs help, agree with her by channeling her to a recovery source elsewhere.

Boundaries should always be kept in tact during a relationship, especially with counseling. Being there to support and listed to our partner on one hand is awesome but on the other hand getting to the root of issues primarily could be a detriment to you alone - use caution.
It's hard to actually get help, if the person resists it. I have had some addiction problems, but I never thought it was serious. The best you can do is talk to her about her options (but do expect that she might get mad or deny her problem.) I think it might be a little weird for you to have your partner in your program. I'd look around for other resources and suggest them to her. I know that it would be a little awkward for me. But all people are different, and she might actually prefer it. So, give her the facts, brochures, online sites, etc., but it's ultimately up to her to make the next step.
Yes, I would recommend that you tell her to find someone else. It's never a good idea to become involved on this level with someone you know. It can hurt the relationship. Counselors don't even do it.

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