What can u do with my lazinesss?!?

Sometimes laziness can be very good. If we have nothing to do and we do nothing, then that is good.

But often we could be doing something useful but we don't. I work hard most of the time, but other times I am very lazy.

Part of it is motivation. At work, I like customer focused roles, because I can get feedback on whether I am doing a good job or not.

For my own things, it is partly about focus. I use a whole lot of different techniques, and different techniques work for different situations.

Sometimes, what I do is make a list of things I want to do. I break it down into little things, so I can do some of them every day. Then I can constantly crossing of my list.

I had a big personal project that took many months to complete. I made an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my progess and see how many days I had left, how much work I had to do, etc.

Sometimes you motivate yourself by working with someone else. When I took bodybuilding, I started with a friend. If we didn't push each other, we would have given up after the first week.

Other times we can choose what we do. There is a lot we can do, so if it is study, we can choose to study what we are interested in.

Other ways is to get rid of distraction. No tv, Internet etc. Eg, go to a library to do the work. You have to work, there is no other choice.
I have the same problem, I would just write down a list of everything I need to get done and have a due date on it. So I can keep track of things. It helps me to realize what I really am slacking on.
First find out the issues where you are noticing the laziness,
you are feeling laziness but you are not that much lazy, if you are that much you could not have asked this question.
Well, try to help the servants while they work!

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