31 just now - what challenges or joys lie ahead - do feel sometimes (given what my folks went through) that?

there is not that much to look forward too - terrible teenagers then rattling round an empty house/money worries/failing health/loss looks etc etc but this cannot be a rounded picture - any advice from someone venerable be much appreciated.

At 31 you still have your life before you and you can do almost anything you put your mind to. Life is what you make it, if you start thinking that its all over bar the shouting, you will never be happy.
Rejoice, you are entering the best phase of your life. Things can only get better, bear up.
I'm NOT gonna pretend to be venerable.

Life has thrown more than average crap at me though.

ANd no doubt, life has some bad things in store for you, however, enjoy small things in life, find real friends or be willing to be alone.

Find what you enjoy, then do that, get good at it, then get paid for it if you can.
Delphic Maxims
Know yourself.
Nothing in excess.
Aid friends.
Control anger.
Shun unjust acts.
Ackowledge sacred things.
Hold on to learning.
Praise virtue.
Avoid enemies.
Cultivate kinsmen.
Pity supplicants.
Accomplish your limit.
When you err, repent.
Consider the time.
Worship the divine.
Accept old age.
so why are you spending the good times having a bad time
your turn will come soon enough

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