Self harm scars?

I've been self harming for three years but still don't feel ready to stop. The problem is i have scars that are really visible coz they're darker than my normal skin colour. Any tips on reducing and preventing scars?

There's a product on the market called Bio-oil which is to help the reduction of scars and stretch marks. Think it's about £10 a bottle, but apprently very effective.
Can I add to those scars with my razor fingers?
I do not know how to help with the scars, but I have heard of people who hold ice cubes instead of cutting. The freeze burn has the same effect but causes less, if any, harm and no scarring.

There is some makeup you can buy for scarring, ask your GP to refer you to a specialist who deals with scarring, they usually know who can help you with this.
stop harming yourself
there is a product on the market called Mederma, it works for minor scars and stretch just have to be very religious about putting it on 3-4 times a day.
You should moisturise and massage your scars to stimulate the growth of new cells.

the only way to prevent scars is to stop self harming. I understand that you don't feel ready to stop, try not to go too deep!
Isn't the whole point of self harm to get attention? You're crying out for help, right? So, the scars and the fact that you're posting that you actually do this are only perpetuating the problem.

If you don't like your scars, stop ******* cutting yourself.
Hopefully you are recieving care for this activity.. otherwise, you will continue until you finally manage to kill yourself.
I would suggest caring for the problem, not the manifestations.
I don't have too good of an answer for your question, but if you stop cutting, the scars will eventually fade. There are certain lotions you can get that help reduce scars, (check Rite Aid, or Walgreens). And if you stop, there's certain medical treatments you can get that will completely remove scars. The biggest thing though, whether you get rid of your scars or not, is stopping. I know you don't feel ready to stop now, but... please... please don't hurt yourself.

You can talk to me on AIM - nhlgoalie9099, if you want. I really do want to help you.
try bio oil from the chemist its about 8 pound
Firstly, the reason why you keep cutting yourself up this is what has to be sorted and i feel sorry very sorry for you because i know if you are doing this then something horrible must have happened.
If you are not seeking help or researched the problem will you now do it please and i find writing things down are good therapy.
Preventing scars stop what you are doing.
i just feel like giving you a hug,cause i,v been there probably still am.,thinking about you mate*****
go jump on some sunbeds...thats what I did, makes them less visible
Cut yourself where the scars dont show, You should see the soles of my feet.

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