My mum wants me to study Law next year..?

My mum really wants me to stay in the same city as I am in now and study law at University next year.

I get really good grades. My grades are good enough to get into and degree I wanted to.

I know people who have studied Law and they say it's a lot of writing and reading and sometime very boring.

I also don't want to live at home. I think I'm old enough to go flatting.

My mum went to a different University on the other end of the country.

Why can't she let me experience things for myself?

If Law isn't what I want to study how can I tell her this?

I know she'll be paying for some of my fees and etc, but why should I do something I have very little interest in?

Please help!

Hey, I have the idea you know what you want to do. If you don't know for sure, there are many career interest tests your guidance counsellor can do with you. It might give you a bit of a direction.

I agree with what some have said before me, money isn't everything, but it can make life a bit easier. Follow your heart. You do still have a long time before the year is over. Maybe you want to contact some people that are already in the profession you are interested in and you might be allowed to follow them for a day to get a better view of daily life as a whatever it is you want to do.

Regarding the independance issue, why don't you show your mum you can look after yourself. Usually mums (and dads) are afraid you can't cook and clean. So maybe suggest you cook once a week (if you can't cook, there are great websites that can give you some tips!!). I understand if your mum is afraid regarding the dangers out there. We have had some incidences lately in NZ, haven't we. However, that can happen anywhere in the world. Maybe suggest you do a self-defence course. They are great anyway, but they might give your mum some more peace of mind.

Convince your mum that you are old and wise enough to look after yourself. Maybe talk to her about how you could prove to her this last year of school that you are mature enough to live on your own and out of town.

By the way, put yourself in your mum's shoes. She sees that little baby she had 17 years ago all grown up and ready to leave her. That's insanely scary!!

Good luck!!
You shouldn't, but if you don't know what you want to major in already, you'll run into trouble. Take an inventory of your skills and interests and see which career could accomodate them.
First of all you should talk it straight with your mother and present her what your thought and ideas about getting a degree. If you really do not like to take that course in college then you must make her see your alternatives and its advantages. You are not a baby anymore - remember that and make your mum realize that. But just the same, respect your mother's opinion and tackle the issue in a mature and acceptable way.
You raised several issues in your question (1st) your mom wants you to stay put, off-course she does, she loves you, she will miss you terribly if you leave home (2nd) she wants you to study law! many times parents "Live their life through their children" in other words your mom may want you to study Law because it was what SHE wanted to study in college (3rd) I have been studying law for several years (Independent Paralegal), it is not a lot of writing, it is a lot of reading and it is NOT BORING, the Legal Field is exciting, challenging, well paying, I have learn a lot in the legal field and it is rewarding.
At the moment your mum doesn't want you to move out of home and be on your own, mothers are very protective of their children. She may also feel at this time that LAW would be the best option for you as it is a career that everyone thinks is high in demand for.

But having said that this is your life, you need to do what you feel is best for you. Try sitting down and calmly talking it over with your mum, if you think there is going to be an argument or you don't know how to say something write it down on paper then a few days later read it, if there is an argument starting try to talk to her calmly if she won't listen walk away for a few minutes.

Hope this helps and that you do what you want not what your mum wants you to do
It sounds like you have some time to explore what you want to do, but I will tell you this, I don't know any poor lawyers.

Do you?
Dont let anyone push you into somthing you dont feel right doing. This is your life and its your decision on what you want to d.

YES lasw SOMETIMES CAN be a good paying job just NOT allthetime. It is a lot of work.

If its not what you love then why do it. Involve your mum talk to her, and tell her what it is you want, straight out, you have the strength within you and all the best in your choices.
Wabby ,the only way I can answer your question is from my own experience as a parent with my daughters. My oldest daughter chose to commute to college on a daily basis.She applied and was accepted to nursing school and was accepted.However she didn't want to be a nurse but she thought we wanted her to be one.She had a medical problem half way through school and had to withdraw.It was at this time it came out that even though she was doing ok in the course it was not really what she wanted to do with her life.In the fall she was accepted into the course of her choice.I felt guilty thinking that somehow we must have sent her the wrong message.My youngest daughter attended university away from home.She was (and still is) a very responsible young lady(even if she is still my baby).I wondered if she would take this move with the same degree of responsibility if I wasn't there to monitor her activities.I had the same concerns as most parents, would she study, would she party, would she stay on task.Finally I had to say to myself I've done my best as a parent and must love my daughter enough to trust her to live her life,making her own life decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions.With regards to your course, you are the one who must do the job after graduation so you must decide what you want to do with your life.I'm sure you will be able to talk this over with your mom and in time she will accept that her little bird is going to leave the nest.It is difficult to let go of our children but after all isn't that what we as parents are preparing our children didn't say what program you are interested in but discuss with your mom why you prefer that course.Let her know you are continuing your education,only in a different direction. Good luck

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