Crush Dream Last Night..Interpret?

I was sitting with my crush in class. He was on the right, me on the left. I was being really touchy. I held his hand and put my head on his shoulder. He didn't seem to mind. He talked to me like I was a friend. After being all touchy and nice, the dream shifted to him sitting in front and me in the back. I asked for his screen name. He seemed like he was writing something down. The dream ended...I never got to see what was real life, I was thinking of asking my crush for his screen name. He's not really my friend in real life.

What's this dream mean?

This dream is just your hopes. It is what is on your mind. No real significant meaning behind it.
it mings your going to meet someone like him or your going to run into someone like him so be prepaired and be attentive to whats around you and keep your eyes open and the rest is up to you.
According to the activation-synthesis theory of dreams, the dream probably has no meaning at all. (Sorry, that may not be what you wanted to hear.)

Although dreams are influenced by our thoughts throughout the course of the day, this does not mean they are special messages to us that we should carefully consider.

Here's one perspective:

"Activation Synthesis Theory is a neurobiological theory of dreams, put forward by James Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley in 1977, which states that dreams are a random event caused by firing of neurons in the brain. This random firing sends signals to the body's motor systems, but because of a paralysis that occurs during REM sleep, the brain is faced with a paradox. It synthesizes a narrative by drawing on memory systems in an attempt to make sense of what it has experienced."

the fact that ur crush is with you means you will come to realize that you are not truly in love, but in like. If the person you have a crush on is younger or older then you, then this is a sign that you suffer guilt for misleading the innocent party, after you have plumbed the shallow depths of your emotions. its your hopes and you may become friends with him in future days.
you want intimacy with this guy based on friendship and he isnt there too give it to you as yet
Perhaps you are attracted to him more than your conscious mind knows? After all, he was your "crush" in that dream and you kept waiting on "screen name"...or something!!
You're holding back. Figure out a way to let him know that you are interested in him. Boys are stupid. We simply do not recognize the signs girls send. Then what happens is the girl assumes that we do not like you or are not interested in you. Nothing can be further from the truth. We think about girls all the time. Next to cars, that's all we think about. When I was in High School, sometime in the 18th century if I remember right, there was a French foreign exchange student in our history class named Monique. She was very quiet and lovely; however, when she did speak her English was excellent. I was taking a French course and having a tough time. One day I worked-up the courage to ask her to help me with my French. She took her tutoring seriously. Pretty soon I was getting straight A's. Guess what? When the Tolo Dance came around where the girl asks the guy out, well, wouldn't you know it, she asked me out. We never made it to the dance. I took her to dinner at the Space Needle in Seattle, and we enjoyed a wonderful time at Fisherman's Wharf and the carnival afterwards. She was my first kiss. I looked her up a few years later when I was in the U. S. Air Force and stationed in Germany. We started dating, and two years later, we married. We've been married for 32 years, and she's as lovely as the day I first spoke to her. So, long story short - ask him out. Take the initiative. Go get a bite to eat. You pay. You never know what might happen. Good luck to you.

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