Is your facial expression naturally negative or positive ? and is it in accordance with your character ?

Good question but I want to clarify you one thing that is :-
Our facial expression will never remain same..It always depends upon the situation..If some thing goes wrong then my facial expression will be negative..If some one teases me then my facial expression is negative..If some one tells me that I have done right thing then my facial expression will be positive.
i where my feelings on my face and don't hide it, my expression is my emotions, but i am not my feelings.
Mine usually deflects a positive expression. Is this in accordance with my not sure. At times yes but not all the time.
I have a very readable face, some have said that I carry my heart on my shoulders. What ever is occurring at the time is what you see, not good at pretending. If I am in pain, it's very apparent, if I'm happy you'll know it, if I'm disgruntled, you'll know that too. I can't tell a lie, so I don't even try
well naturally i guess i look pretty bored but thats when im just doin my own thing. when someone talks to me then i show different expressions.
Naturally, I have a postive face, but sad eyes, which I suppose does fit my personality. I'm generally happy, but I have a lot of things happening in my life on a much deeper level. good question by the way
Negative, because I don't smile often and I think I give more of a scowl. Most people would believe that I'm just some teen full of angst, but I'm not. I'm happy.
Hmm, that's a toughie. I guess it depends. If my face isn't doing anything different, I look kind of depressed. Maybe deep in thought. Usually you can tell if I'm thinking or if I'm just bored, other than that expressions are put on my face. It's easier to make someone feel that you're feeling something different than you really are that way. I've created such a pattern with the people I hang with most that I could have just murdered someone and they'd never know it. With one, he's pretty intuitive, especially when I'm leaving giant clues about how I'm (suppossedly) feeling. With the other, I can hide info or pretend I have info almost to a T. (Whatever that means.) Now, I'm not deceptive by nature, I only do this when needed. It's a drama thing.
i think its mostly unemotional, i tend not to show people who i really am or what i'm feeling, not that i'm rude or anything, if others talk to me in friendly tones i usually smile and carry a conversation. but when i'm around people i know my face is usually positive.

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