What is the theoretical (and practical) difference between a therapist, a counselor, and a psychologist?

And is there any difference between "counseling" and [psycho]therapy?

I use those two terms interchangeably ...

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counsler and therapist are the same thing, the only real differences are between psychologist and psychiatrist, which psychologist talks and the other scribes meds, and psychotherapy involves alternative treatment like shock therapy
The most notable difference is the precision and accuracy with which they sling their verbal BS.
Let me start of by explaining what a counselor is. A counselor counsels. They don't do the extensive work like a therapist do. I mean he/she would and can give you a preliminary diagnose of what your problem is. Then he sends you to see a therapists who does the actual work of teaching you and guiding you to help yourself. Psychologist is actually either a psychology teacher or they work with therapist. Psychologists can do research work under someone's guidance. But a therapist nor counselor does research work. There is one common thing that they all have to have is that they all required a four year degree. Good enough, yes?

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