How can I get over my fear of chewing gum?

I once had a cavity on one of my molars. A bad dentist didn't clean my molar right, and left germs in there before applying a filling.
After some months, my molar was getting eaten by cavities from the inside out without me knowing it.

One day, I was chewing gum like I used to love when my molar just got crushed. It was such a terrible experience! With another dentist, I had to get a porcelain incrustation. I lost like half of my molar.

It wasn't the chewing gum's fault, that molar had been getting hollow for some time.

But sometimes I really feel like chewing gum, but as soon I put one on my mouth, I get all scared and just can't chew anymore.

How can I chew gum again?

This is a tough one. It seems like you know that it is an irrational feeling. You could try what is sometimes called "flooding," have a friend with you, tell them not to let you stop chewing gum no matter how scared you get. Basically force yourself to chew gum so that in the end you can realize that you can chew gum without hurting yourself.
It is better the fear on gum than the fear of getting your tooth out because you have cavities.
maybe u should juss do it.try to remeber that it was a whole different circumstance.when that happen it really had nuthin 2 do with the was the dentist fault... so juss chew some damn gum///u never may be easier than u think!!!

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