A woman asked this question and as i was about to post she deleted it. now i am interested.?

"Do you think our ancestor's were put here for punishment?"
{or something on the lines of that}

here is what i put.

i was going to start off my argument by saying no because look at our future, look what humans evolved into. but then i thought about it and realized what if we are here because past selfishness or greed or lust{any of the seven deadly sins} occured. what if there is a paradise that we were supposed to live at and we got punished and sent here instead? that is a very interesting question and i guess it depends on every individuals thoughts.

Without granting the idea any religious significance, whatsoever, I would concede that it is possible. Australia started out as a series of penal colonies for various offenders exiled from Britain. In the early stages of the colonization of America, some of the settlements in the Appalachian regions were comprised primarily of England's socio/political rejects, as well.
If it is true, as I personally believe, that variations on the humanoid race exist throughout the known universe, then it is a definite possibility that earth started out as a penal colony similar to Australia's "Botany Bay", but on an interplanetary rather than international scale.

An equally intriguing possibility is that earth started more as a biological research laboratory than as a prison colony. Some say there is evidence to support the idea that humanity as we know it is the result of genetic experimentation by an advanced civilization from somewhere else.
Well, I don't know if I believe that one or not. I can certainly concede that it IS possible. I don't suppose it would surprise me much if it were someday proven to be true. For one thing, it WOULD account for the "missing link" problem that we find in Darwin's theory of evolution.
There's a fairy tale on just that very thing..
we weren't punished, earth is our home and earth is where we are suppose to be because this is where god put us, simple enough :)
Yeah, I think you're partly right.
what you said, sounds good to me. I know my grandparents (mom's side). They came here for a better life.And they had a better life.
You mean on this earth? If so, I don't think so. Things are grim in many ways but there's a lot of joy to be experienced in our lives.
I would answer her...Yes & No. according to buddism, reincarnation is Karma, what you did in the past life will affect your present life. If you hurt others in the past life, this life he will either hurt you, or you will be serving him, something like that.
probably, but i doubt that humans have learned anything from their past. look, their repeating it again. some suggest a genius created the bible using an equation. the person knew how humans would react and already knew the kind of people who would and wouldn't follow it. they think thats probably why humans fight over religion, and why everything in the bible and be read and translated into what happened, whats happening now, and maybe what will happen. if no one believed in any spirit or whatever but still followed laws and respected everyone as if they were the same and still celebrated our differences, would the world be a better place? i am conflicted as to wheather there is or isn't a god. if there was, wouldn't it be boring to stay in heavan sitting in the clouds watching those at the bottom? how do we know that angels have wings when no one has actually seen them? if there isn't, how would it feel to be nothing when we die? will it feel like a long dark sleep you never wake up from? like i did when i had my first thought, awakening. its really confusing
I never thought of it like that, but if you look at it from a bhuddist point of view, it would seem like this life is much more dominated by greed. Personally, I am looking forward to getting all of my questions answered.

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